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Linkedin Group Moderation Services

Where is your time best spent when it comes to Social Media, networking, education and client services?  Only you know the answer.  I'm finding the first thing that clients let go of as they run out of time is the timely moderation of LInkedin Groups they have created. As the groups become more popular, the …

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Web Developers: Be up front with your clients if there are limitations to access

Each week I run across at least three clients or potential clients who are frustrated because they want to make changes to their websites, templates and other areas of their online presence; but their current web solutions provider will not give them the access to make the changes. They retain control and thus deem themselves necessary and irreplaceable. This is a falacy. This is paranoia.

There’s a Bugs Bunny cartoon that comes to mind. A hound dog is trying to catch the rabbit. He reaches through a tree trunk and Bugs tricks him by putting a tomato in his hand. The dog pulls it out and holds on so tightly to his prize he crushes it, and tomato seeps through his hand. The dog can only wail, “I Cruuushed him!…

Forcing your control over your clients by withholding access or information is a fast path to losing a client or killing an account. You will lose their trust. No amount of “flowers” brought to the grave of a killed account can bring back the trust.

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