We are a team and rely on each other to fill in the blanks, compliment, question, noodle, create, instigate, balk, support and cheer ideas, projects and tasks. Our core team is here. We have other players from time to time as needed for heavy coding, apps, and more, but this is the cast of regulars working on your account.


Instigator, Client Relations, Content Strategist, Creator, “Fixer” – Susan Finch

Susan Finch gives you control of your marketing plan AND translates geekspeak into plain English. She’ll create a customized marketing plan that includes podcasting,  video, strategic alliances, and client advocacy. Susan offers clients assistance with the rest, including branding, repurposing, and creating your content, as well as developing training materials. Everything she does involves one or more of these elements: Create, Teach, Inspire, Advocate. More details >


Copywriting, Content Strategies – Savannah Finch

Savannah is a writer, editor, wordsmith, and master of a well-timed sarcastic quip. Savannah’s specialties include adopting brand voice and tone, research, editing, grammar, copyright adherence, Search Engine Optimization, Google My Business, WordPress, and helping Susan and her customers look good online. That’s her favorite part of the job.


Execution, Optimization, Social Strategies – Nina Hambleton

Nina’s skills are brought in whenever we have a client that needs a steady building stream of engagement on social venues. Her ability to craft posts in the same flavor and culture of the client surpasses their expectations every time. It’s so obvious she enjoys researching her thoughtful posts that never reak of automation. She enjoys creating content for a variety of clients, along with helping in any way she can to ensure we reach as many people as possible with our content strategies.


Content Support, Promotion Rhythm

Sammy is another talented writer who just gets how to tell the client’s story and promote it in any microblog or social media setting effectively.


Editing, Planning, Voice of Reason – Thomas Finch

Tom’s background is in advertising. He ran a California office for CME prior to starting a family with Susan. He spent years as a product photographer and has been a constant voice of reason with strategies and creativity with Susan since she began Susan Finch Solutions. He’s no longer phased by her “AND THENs!” and knows to look for where his role is in making the AND THEN happen. His affinity for detail, the English language, and professionalism make him an ideal audio editor for their many podcast clients. Seamless, thoughtful, discerning edits are what set him apart from other editing resources. If you want a fivrr budget and quality, Tom’s not your man. He isn’t capable of doing a lesser job. He prides himself on making the host/client and their guest proud of their appearance even if it was a sh*tshow when it was recorded.


Bodhi Das

Advanced Programming – PHP, JavaScript, ColdFusion, and more – Bodhi Das

Bodhi and Susan have been working together on updating prior programming messes left behind by other developers, adding features into limited site programming, adding dynamic features, including custom reporting from existing data and thinking beyond what is asked and in the scope. Bodhi doesn’t consider a project done until everyone is more than satisfied, and is typically blown away by his solutions. He’s a perfect addition to the team.