When I met Nicole Rueth I was blown away by her endless energy and knowledge. She has a way of turning a tidal wave of real estate and market stats into digestible chunks that turn into action items. She was already producing a lot of video content, creating fans through loyal attendees to her regular workshops, mastermind groups, and more. She is constantly lifting real estate professionals, talking about the good, but talking honestly when the news isn’t so good. We were off and rolling with her new podcast, The Double Comma Club, named after an interview with a guest of hers for a segment, Real Estate Makes the Millionaire. He aspired to be a member of the Double Comma Club and the name stuck. You have to admit, that’s a great goal to set.

Then COVID19 hit. She felt the urgency to do SOMETHING to help her real estate friends, clients and more so she began churning out almost DAILY videos and content to be converted and shared. We were busier than ever the first 60 days and now we have tapered to a more manageable schedule of two episodes per week: one agent spotlight to LIFT, and one informative in the form of market reports, alerts, and more.

This is another podcast that lent itself to swag. Imagine a onesie baby gift, “Future Member of The Double Comma Club