After taking the workshop, you now know how helpful and quick it can be to create short form videos.

Let us help you build the templates to get you started!

We will create 5 Opus templates in various formats with your branding, record a “how to” edit video for you, and create a master Descript template for you in your account.

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DESCRIPT: For recording, editing, transcripts, captions.

In the past we’ve needed several tools to accomplish what DESCRIPT does for a low monthly price. You can create templates for your brand in any format, record in the projects using your mic and camera, generate the transcript, review and edit, and then publish and download all the pieces. You are also able to bring in video content you’ve created in the field.

OPUS CLIP: for multi-format reels and quick clips

It’s quick, it’s relatively inexpensive, but you need to set it up with your templates ahead of time. You need to feed it a clear video. Opus does a better job generating the captions than Descript, but it’s not great at automatically selecting your clips, even when you add in keywords to prompt it. Better to mark up the transcript from Descript to actually select the clips you want to use and create FEWER, more relevant, proofed clips. We will go through the template creation process, edit clips that are automatically generated, and select specific cuts from your full video.