Rates for Services

I am happy to report long-standing relationships with my clients. Some go back more than 25 years. I don’t take these relationships lightly. We have ongoing planning sessions to stay on top of changing best practices, technology, and target market evolution. I enjoy assisting in the planning of their marketing efforts so they grow to include new and current technologies. Many times I’m able to surprise them with creative solutions using resources already in place.

I can help for as long as you need the help or just whenever you need an extra hand.
I bill by the hour in tenth-hour increments and by the project. If you can think it up or have a wish list – I’ll quote on it!
Are you ready for a change? Contact me.


Keeping it going $1850/ month

A good start to build relationships!

Ready to hit it hard! $2250/ month

Making good lead gen progress!

Trumpets will blast! $3850/ month

*BOOM!* Now we’re talking!
Evaluation/Strategy to-go or hire me to do it.
One time with a detailed report and action list.
One time incorporating print, conferences
1-time incorporating print, conferences
Social Media profile, graphics updates & push
Twitter, LinkedIn (business posts), syndication variations
Twitter, GMB/YouTube, LinkedIn, syndication
Twitter, GMB/YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram
Tip Videos/White Papers
Not at this level
2 per month total
4 per month total
Email Marketing or Blog posts
1 every 2 months – you choose which
2 per month of each, or any combo totaling 4
6 per month of each, or any combo totaling 6
Maximizing your content: past podcasts, events, posts, appearances
10 graphics shared, tracked and scheduled social media outreach to max your content
20 graphics shared, tracked and scheduled social media outreach to max your content
60 graphics shared, tracked and scheduled social media outreach to max your content

* not taking into consideration significant web site changes, or special marketing efforts, campaigns, releases. In those situations, the number of blog entries will be evaluated based on the needs of Sales & Marketing in-house.

Let me explain some of these services and some additional à la carte services:

Companies are now stretched to explore the shiny tools, learn them, and then convince their team to use them. Sometimes you have a higher turnover rate of staff or users than you’d like, or perhaps they just need to watch again, and again. Let me help you plan your training library, create short, engaging videos that are beautifully branded. We can even create teaser videos to entice users/clients to sign up for your full package of services or offerings. Perhaps you have your own tutorials, lessons, and seminars that you’d like to convert into marketable classes. I’m here for that too. We’d have to have a few productive, exciting conversations before I could begin to quote this.

YOUTUBE Tour, Set up, CHANNEL/VIDEO OPTIMIZATION, Hand-holding in the nicest way
What about YouTube LIVE events – public and private versions? Do you want to learn? Do you want a personal tour and help with set up, explanations of terms and layout, graphics needs? I can do that with you. I love doing this and am told I’m great at it. $580 would get you the tour, set up, test and your first video recording introduction and experience. We will break this into two sessions, including setting up your login/presence. Video business cards or short calls to action for your specific squeeze pages is how you can close more deals.

Sometimes you have a need for templates so you and your team can create regularly needed graphics, PowerPoint Presentations, direct mail, flyers, email marketing pieces. You want it to look good, but you want to learn how to do it yourself. I can create templates for you with your branding, tutorial videos your team can watch whenever they want to learn how.

For a consulting fee, I can look at your existing situation to evaluate what needs to be improved upon, suggest improvements or troubleshoot. I’ll dig deep into your existing presence that you may not be aware is out there such as Google My Business profiles and more. This is part of gathering up all of your profiles to present a united message. You’d be surprised what is already out there on review sites, forums, social media. Quoted by the project. The minimum investment for a plan you can have me execute or have another provider execute: Starts at $1000.

You know your stuff, but your voice is difficult to understand, or just not perky to encourage that all important CALL TO ACTION ACTION. I can help with that. I can help with scripts, presentations and more, as well. Some clients send me a script, I read, record and send it back. Some have me work on the script with them, procure the images, create all visuals, including videos. It’s up to you. Fees start at $120 for a 30-second commercial.

This includes 3 original paths/concepts, 1 taken to final and then business card, website banner and all social media graphics needed including profile images, podcast graphics, quotation meme templates, vector art suitable for resizing to any size: CMYK, RBG and process color versions, 2 standard size banner ads for promoting on other sites and venues. $1250 – $2500. This is your BRAND. You are welcome to trust it to some overseas $99 solution. That may be your business model. Truly think about what that says about your commitment to the success of your business.

Not only will this add to your exposure in these venues, it will also continue to brand your company, product with your consistent message and graphics. I can set up your LinkedIn company page – add services, tasteful graphics, YouTube channel look, about, initial video, create useful playlists, create your Facebook timeline images and descriptions, banners and give you a few to keep it fresh, custom tabs.

Each venue runs about $250$1250 depending on how extensive your services and timeline events are, graphic needs, as well as availability of images, and accessibility of these admin views to actually edit for you. Also depends if there is an accessibility bag of cats to deal with. Does not include channel preview video. To be quoted.

Depending on how much you help me fill in the blanks, I can have your feeds, Twitter account with custom icon and background, Google My Business, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn company PAGE and Showcase service pages, Facebook page, banners and timeline of up to 10 events, and crisscross feeds set up within a couple of days, once approved, for about $950. Once setup is completed, you’ll have the list of all logins and specs to make it easy for you take it from there. Sometimes there are verification issues and it will take more time to finally get it all confirmed and playing nicely together. Assumption is that you have the vector version of your logo and a clean slate of these venues.

If you have a LinkedIn presence, cleaning up or creating your company page, listing services or products, reviewing your profile and planning your regular posts and articles as you and your company. YouTube, GoogleMyBusiness, and Pinterest should also be considered. GoogleMyBusiness has custom graphic and writing fields to spruce up your profile. You may also have company profiles. Pinterest needs a kick start with boards, but can be handy to pull them into your website/blog. These venues are additional and can be quoted after we have a planning session to see which items fit your plan best. This is part of the thoughtful connection from your site and other hubs to your profile posts.

**WINGMAN/WOMAN for your video EVENT**
There are a lot of balls to keep going if you have a well attended online event. Sometimes you need a bit of help monitoring and highlighting comments, testing, creating custom overlays to brand you/your company in the video, create a bit of buzz. Quoted as event and promotional tasks are defined.

Depending on the length of your audio file, I can repurpose it for YouTube by adding in logos, branding, images that go with the content of the show, add in animations, movie clips, etc. Price will depend on the length of the show and how detailed you want the visuals. Also creating a podcast channel on iTunes.

If your YouTube channel is for your brand or product, you will want to grab the attention when people first go to your channel, hoping they will stay longer, watch more of your videos and then buy your product or service. If you have video events, radio shows that could benefit from an existing, custom trailer to REALLY grab their attention this is for you. It can even include a call to action ad and link to your YouTube channel, playlist or other options. Prices start at $450 for a 90-second intro. Range, depending on complexity and length can go to $2500.


Hello! $0/20 minutes

Web/ Graphics/ Training $120/ hr

On-Site Svcs $140/ hr

Break it down
1 time
2 hr minimum
Evaluate Your Site
1 time
Organize, clean, format
Presentation clean up
Intro videos
Logo Design
✅ /pkg
Brochures & Collateral
✅ /pkg
Ad graphics
On-site Training Seminar
Video Training library
On-site Conference Svcs
virtual by event
prep work
✅ +travel
Adv. programming

**Some services require equipment rental, or additional staff for onsite. These would be quoted after project is defined.