The Black Eye of Being Seen as Spam

Recently, I managed to end up in my own spam folder with an RSS to email that I send out weekly. Some phrases from the episode triggered a spam filter. I found out about this because Google alerted me that I have three reports of spam from the same message. They were all reported by people at - THAT'S ME! It's one of the alias domains we [...]

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Building Enduring Relationships: Susan Finch Solutions Achieves 21 Years in Business

As we reflect on the past 21 years, it is with great pride and gratitude that we announce the continued success of Susan Finch Solutions. Founded in October of 2001, our mission has always been to assist companies and individuals in growing their businesses and reputations within their respective industries. This morning, while helping a long-time client, Donna St. Jean Conti, update her brochure and adding the recent [...]

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Marketers, Free Your Mind with AI – Don’t Be So Shallow

From a content creator's perspective. Consider this quote, "AI will not replace, you, but someone using it will." It's true. Embrace it, play with it, and make it work for you to make you more efficient. You will still want to put your spin on it and most likely run it through Grammarly, at the least! We've been having fun exploring search capabilities on Shutterstock, and maneuvering through [...]

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How Many WordPress Themes Do You Need in Your Admin?

Most WordPress installations come with several back up stock themes. Then there are all of the themes you've tried, paid for and abandoned. How many do you need? Simple answer, two to three. Back up theme - such as Twenty Twenty-Three Your main theme Your child theme, if you use one. What happens with old themes clogging up your hosting and database is that they come with elements [...]

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Create a new logo or have someone create your logo.

A logo is not a spontaneous decision. You will use it everywhere for years, hopefully. It needs to be thought through but there are design factors that need to be considered. Some clients will bring a logo they had created by another company. We get a big zip file with all of the variations - full color, reversed, light, dark, all white on transparent, all black on transparent [...]

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Where is your domain registered, email managed, website hosted?

Web, domain and email hosting situations need to change from time to time. The reasons can be simply that a hosting company is no longer able to provide the updates and level of support you require. It may be because their prices continue to go up, while customer service goes down the toilet. The first steps are to make sure you have access to your existing domain [...]

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On-boarding clients – who owns all the folders?

It used to be when you asked someone to leave your company, or they left, you simply changed alarm codes and keys, or asked for their swipe card back and reset their access info. It's more complicated now. This isn't always personal, sometimes it's just best practices to protect your clients, remove liability from the former person, and protect your intellectual property. This holds true for contractors, [...]

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Simple Ingredients Will Create a Successful Personal Marketing Plan

As our children have become recent adults, they need to cook for themselves - on a budget. We've tried to show them the value of inexpensive, but quality ingredients to always have on hand for basic quick recipes that can feed a group, get tons of rave reviews, and not break their grocery budget. The most difficult thing isn't the money, it's that they think good food [...]

Working Offline is a Great Option, Unless You Get Carsick

We go to the Boise office of Susan Finch Solutions a few times a year and to visit clients. Laptops are handy. I use a docking station so packing up takes less than two minutes. Working locally is great, but working on items in the cloud that I need to do is even better. Since Starlink in our car isn't in the current budget, I have to rely [...]

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Figure Out Who is Selling Your Email Address

You can also choose to block trackers into your inbox with these options. I'm sure there are more options, but I must say even my junk mail is more annoying than usual because I can tell it started with my filling out a "tell me more" form on a site. How do I know? By the name on the envelope or label. In my inbox, I can tell [...]

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Who do you call when your site disappears?

An email blasted into my inbox from a somewhat former client today. He was panicked, "Facebook deleted my profile, I missed the appeal date and can't get in. I'm worried about my business page! Can you help?" I get about a dozen variations to this each week from clients who just went away for a while, didn't need my services regularly, or were referred to my by my [...]

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