Opportunities and Saying Yes – Expand Your Comfort Zone – Path of Totality

Consistent evidence has shown me that saying yes to something unexpected, unusual, or outside my comfort zone typically pays off in one way or another. I'm reminded of this with the upcoming eclipse on April 8 at 11:07 am. (details on NASA's site). Recently I was with a group of professionals and when the topic came up, any blew it off as not being that interesting, not momentous. [...]

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Branding Woes: My designer is no longer around.

You pay vendors, such as our company, to create logos, branding, and templates for you. I'll repeat it - you PAID them to make these FOR YOU. The vector files are YOURS. Make sure this is clear when you hire a company or individual. Before you hire someone to create these assets for you, make it clear to them what you will be given before they are paid.  [...]

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Ideas for Posts for Non-Profits and B2C Businesses

Sometimes we are just stuck for fresh ideas. Years ago, I was taught to "ride the hashtag" rather than invent from scratch. With a bit of planning, you can create a bunch of posts to schedule a couple of months in advance to take advantage of some well-used hashtags. For our favorite charity, Binky Patrol, sometimes we want to shake up the posts and take advantage of the [...]

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Checklist Before You Finalize Your New Logo

I've been working with a large group of real estate brokers who have successful businesses. Many have recently premiered their new logos. They are sharing them with me to be used in some printed materials. Most are outstanding! A few have had some issues which prompted this post.  I will not post their samples because I don't want to embarrass them. They wish they had run it by [...]

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I’d love your card more if I could read it.

Recently, I attended a wonderful storytelling competition. I haven't been networking much in person, and this was such a warm group at the National Speakers Association Oregon Chapter. What an inspiring group of speakers. I was so happy to be invited. It was such a spontaneous event I failed to grab my cards in case anyone asked. I was happy to meet several people I want to interview [...]

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Marketing In Your Community – A Santa Booth

Growing up in a large Catholic Mexican family in Southern California, we had big traditions. Good Mexican food was not one of them, but my most memorable was each Christmas Eve, the entire extended family - up to 75 at our peak - would gather at my mom's house, which became my brother's house. The Santa of the Year (this rotated) would bang on the door promptly [...]

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Invest the Money in a Porcelain Shower

When my husband became disabled due to an amputation in 2012, we had to make adjustments to the layout of our bathroom and have a can of hallway touch-up paint at the ready. Our front bathroom has a yellow porcelain tub circa 1968 with a matching sink. No matter what weird shampoos our daughter is currently using for bluing, purpling, etc., we can clean it up and remove [...]

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Client Gifts That Can Change the World

As we are heading into the holiday season, businesses are planning ways to thank clients, vendors, and staff members for a year of work well done, trust appreciated, and great teamwork. We are heading out for our last camping trip of the season, and I'm reminded that not everyone has access to a forest. Some have lost their forests due to many disasters. A vendor had given me [...]

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Templates are great but remember to change the properties

In Adobe Acrobat, PowerPoint, and other programs, we are frequently inspired by others and do a save-as of a previous document created by someone else, or perhaps download a free template. There is nothing wrong with this if you have permission to use someone else's work. The biggest problem is that there are typically a few missed steps to ensure the document has your information and not that [...]

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Time-Saving vs. Think-Saving – AI Guideance for Students

During a recent trip for my 40th high school reunion, I spent a few days with my friend who works for CEO Leadership Alliance Orange County. We brainstorm over coffee and avocado toast when we are together. She wants to tackle the elephant in the high school classroom - how to reach high school students to talk about AI's role in their academic and professional future. We agreed [...]

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Small Team? Long Name? Consider an Alias

Sometimes our names are really long, especially if we hyphenate. Sometimes our company names are really long when we tried a bit late in the game to secure a dot com. Sometimes our teams are really small, but we want to appear larger. This is where email aliases come into play. We host our mail with Google, so this is super easy to add. Check with your mail [...]

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Checklist and Logic for Creating Your Onboarding Library – B2B

Staff turnover costs money. Adding headcount costs money. It isn't just about salaries, benefits, and commissions; it's about TIME. When we add new team members, we need to do it quickly so they can add to our team and not take a lot of time from team members as they are onboarded. This can be done through two paths: mentorship and onboarding libraries. Onboarding isn't just about sticking [...]

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