On-boarding clients – who owns all the folders?

It used to be when you asked someone to leave your company, or they left, you simply changed alarm codes and keys, or asked for their swipe card back and reset their access info. It's more complicated now. This isn't always personal, sometimes it's just best practices to protect your clients, remove liability from the former person, and protect your intellectual property. This holds true for contractors, [...]

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Simple Ingredients Will Create a Successful Personal Marketing Plan

As our children have become recent adults, they need to cook for themselves - on a budget. We've tried to show them the value of inexpensive, but quality ingredients to always have on hand for basic quick recipes that can feed a group, get tons of rave reviews, and not break their grocery budget. The most difficult thing isn't the money, it's that they think good food [...]

Working Offline is a Great Option, Unless You Get Carsick

We go to the Boise office of Susan Finch Solutions a few times a year and to visit clients. Laptops are handy. I use a docking station so packing up takes less than two minutes. Working locally is great, but working on items in the cloud that I need to do is even better. Since Starlink in our car isn't in the current budget, I have to rely [...]

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Figure Out Who is Selling Your Email Address

You can also choose to block trackers into your inbox with these options. I'm sure there are more options, but I must say even my junk mail is more annoying than usual because I can tell it started with my filling out a "tell me more" form on a site. How do I know? By the name on the envelope or label. In my inbox, I can tell [...]

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Who do you call when your site disappears?

An email blasted into my inbox from a somewhat former client today. He was panicked, "Facebook deleted my profile, I missed the appeal date and can't get in. I'm worried about my business page! Can you help?" I get about a dozen variations to this each week from clients who just went away for a while, didn't need my services regularly, or were referred to my by my [...]

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25 Percent of People Have a Visual Disability

Did you know that if your site passes accessibility tests you will rank higher in Google's search results? You may have already known that 25% of people have some sort of visual disability. This can be something not very noticeable such as being colorblind. There are several variations of colorblindness.  It may be they have difficulty with contrast. With some simple adjustments to how you post content to [...]

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7 Step checklist before you decide on a new logo.

Advertising and branding has been a part of our households since before we met. Bob Roush, my dad, taught me the importance of logos, typefaces, clean styles, readability when I was nine. As a cheerleader in 9th grade I learned how to reproduce type from Letraset catalogs for larger banners that needed to be legible and convey emotion each week as we challenged local teams. Janie Frigge Longo [...]

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We don’t want to be tracked, but sometimes we need it.

If you are having difficulty loading your site or working in the admin, there may be a few reasons. If you are having difficulty loading other sites, or logging in to your accounts, you may have locked it down a bit too much for functionality. This is a problem as we are beginning to have a strong desire to stop giving away our data, our activity, and our [...]

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Send your English teacher a thank you note

If you’re lucky enough, you have at least one teacher in your life who makes an everlasting impact. Me, I can think of more than half a dozen teachers whose wisdom, tough love, and determination made me who I am today. But as I spend every day doing a job I love where I get to write all day, I think back to the teacher who taught me [...]

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Reformed GoDaddy Reseller Has New Hosting Hero in

Written by Savannah Finch (Susan's daughter) From an early age, I formed an opinion on GoDaddy. And it wasn’t a favorable opinion for a 10-year-old to have of a hosting company. I knew GoDaddy as “the reason my mom can’t listen to the story of my bus ride home.” Weekly, at least, I’d walk through the front door after a long day of fourth grade and hear the [...]

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You Don’t Have to Bake Cupcakes If You Don’t Want To

In my senior year of high school, we all were asked to take aptitude tests, to show us what kind of career would be a good fit for our strengths and weaknesses. Of course, the teacher started off the assignment by saying "this is just an online test, it doesn't mean you can or can't have your dream job." A sweet sentiment, but we all knew we'd take [...]

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The Double Comma Club Top Episodes Since August 2019

We are celebrating two years of the Double Comma Club, with over 100 episodes. Thank you to Nicole's listeners. Here are the top 10 episodes. You may find some of these helpful, especially if you missed them when they were published originally. 10. What Consumers Need to Know About Appraisals Nicole's guest, Joey Pizzi of JP Appraisal Services wants consumers to know a few things about the appraisal [...]

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