Testimonials from regular clients and from workshop students

These are from clients, associates and partners.

BRUCE GREENHAUS Partner, Jaquez Land Greenhaus & McFarland

I love Susan. She helped us transition to a new email system without loss of mail. Her planning made it smooth. She also evaluated our website and assisted us in switching hosting companies. She is teaching our staff how to make simple updates. Before that, we used to have to put in help tickets for simple updates to staff or add blog posts. She walks us through the logic. She’s a great teacher, and it’s great to have someone in our corner we can trust to protect our firm and clients. I highly recommend Susan to anyone that is need of an IT person to keep track of what is happening with your email and website.

SARAH LIN Real Estate Broker

I met Susan through the NRBA (National REO Brokers Association) a few years ago as a speaker and trainer for the Members and Master Brokers within the organization. She is a proactive, result-oriented, responsible and technically sound Member & Trainer and she is always ready to put all her energy and time to get the job done. She has exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skills in Technology and Marketing…. She is a great asset to the NRBA and I am grateful to have been able to learn so much from her.

Frederic Lucas-Conwell

FREDERIC LUCAS-CONWELL Founder/CEO, Growth Resources, Inc.

It’s a real pleasure working with Susan. Not only she is a great professional marketer in the technical sense of what this means including mastering strategic and tactical aspects, but she is so well involved into understanding our services and the specifics of our market, that she always come with creative solutions that are right to the point of what we need. Susan has an amazing sense of aesthetic that is so helpful when working on websites and book designs. Things happen well and fast with her. I could not dream of a better person to work with for our marketing.

KYLEE HALL Head of Marketing at Remind

Susan is a social media marvel. If she’s running your social media, you have no need to worry. She thinks of things before you even need to ask. With very little instruction from our side, Susan was able to craft relevant, thoughtful content for all of our social media channels. She handled everything from the daily tactical sharing in all of our channels to building our social media network and engaging with thought leaders. Hands down, I would recommend her services to anyone.

Michael McCann, CEO HeartSmart, Inc.


What a pleasure it has been to work with Susan Finch! We first engaged Susan to revamp our entire web site which was woefully out of date. Susan did a brilliant job of updating our graphics and copy. Since then, she has effectively been our de facto head of marketing helping us to set up marketing campaigns using tools such as Constant Contact and in crafting our communications with customers and prospective clients. We couldn’t be happier with our relationship. Michael McCann, CEO, HeartSmart, Inc.

NICOLE LETCHER Sales Management, Event Coordination

Susan was so easy to work with and knowledgeable. She has helped me to create a new website for my business that is driving clients to my contact page and generating new leads daily. She created the foundation of the website then met with me to teach me how to update and manage the website on my own as needed. I love having the ability to make changes without having to go through a web designer every time. She also created an instructional video that she emailed me after our meeting recapping how to make the changes on my own in case I forget in the future. This was really helpful and very impressive. I also love how she created a document with all of my logins for my business accounts in google docs for me so that I can have access to that information from any computer once logged in. She was very approachable, quick to respond to questions, thorough in her instruction, great with follow-through and she was successful in creating exactly what I wanted on my new website. I couldn’t be more pleased and highly recommend Susan Finch!

James W. Obermayer


Susan Finch stepped into the Sales Lead Management Association as our Web Director and from that day, our growth accelerated.  We are constantly trying new things to educate and serve our membership and Susan has been instrumental in suggesting new ideas.  She reorganized our newsletter, opened our Twitter Account (3943 tweets so far), re-launched the blog, created our software reviews and started our news service. She shaped new ways to produce revenue for the association and help us grow.  She launched the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management election, the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management, organized the cartoon series, started up our content management program, and created logos for the SLMA Radio Program and all of our other programs.   She reacts quickly with changes to the site(s), her costs are reasonable (below market, but don’t tell her I said it).   Her approach to life is up and inspiring; we love working with Susan!

MARI ANNE VANELLA CEO, Vanella Group, Inc.

“I can highly recommend Susan as a designer for any kind of content/web/collateral a company needs. She is super responsive, with quick turnaround on anything you ask. Susan really goes above and beyond to add value and deliver great work. It is a pleasure to work with her, she is smart, current on technology and the various languages, she is very fair in her rates, and really enjoys her work which allows her to deliver what you want. I am glad to give a personal reference for anyone that wants to work with her.”


Susan is amazing. I have worked with her for 21 years, first as my Laguna Beach gallery owner and then as my web manager. After an eyes-glazed-over experience with Go Daddy regarding my web site hosting, I called Susan. She called them and included me in a conference call. Not only was everything resolved faster then I could imagine, but she also saved me substantially in the fiscal department. I was struck with how tremendously facile she is in techno language and then her ability to translate and simplify information. Just listening for 5 minutes increased my level of respect for her abilities and decreased my level of stress. I have always enjoyed working with Susan, this experience enhanced my knowledge of her right-left brain ability, creating an incredible feeling of being in fabulously capable hands.

Mindee Doney

MINDEE DONEY Consultant, Inventor

I have worked with Susan a few times. I’ve never been one to fill out recommendations for people until my meeting with her today inspired me. Her patience and problem solving with me and my business goals were amazing. Knowing I was coming from another high-stress meeting, she even made me some outstanding Tamales for lunch and let me unwind!! A great person with a passion for what she does, incredible knowledge in her industry and a mean Mexican makin’ mama!!! Thank you Susan!

GERALD ZWAK Real Estate Broker, GA

Susan’s knowledge, patience, and honesty have been a godsend to us. She has given us direction, made some outstanding suggestions, done an absolutely awesome job in putting a new website together for us, and has always been honest when there would be less expensive ways to do things instead of paying her to do them. I would encourage anyone looking for someone to guide them onto a better path with their online presence to speak with Susan, you won’t be sorry you did!

KURT M. KJELLAND Senior Legal Counsel, Qualcomm Inc.

I hired Susan to develop an integrated marketing strategy for the San Diego Intellectual Property Law Association (www.sdipla.org). She completely redid our organization’s website, developed our twitter account, created our logo, and integrated our marketing efforts to more efficiently communicate with our membership. Susan is a joy to work with. She is creative beyond compare, and her sense of humor always makes things interesting and fun. I could not recommend her more.

MATT PERRY Realtor – Broker

Susan has been an integral part of my business for nearly a decade and I am very grateful and appreciative of her consistent results. She is always ready to take on the task and has had the ability to understand my needs and perform to them in a timely manner. I STRONGLY advise anyone in need of help with a website or digital marketing to invest in Susan. I consider her to be one of most valuable assets of my business and owe a good amount of my success to her.

GIOMAR VASQUEZ Real Estate Broker-CA & FL

Susan has a great combination of knowledge and experience alongside friendliness and compassion. I also love that Susan keeps up with current trends, education, and has a passion for her community. Very professional, and has a strong sense of determination.


I love the progress that we have made with website/logo/cards/re-branding. And absolutely love working with you!


Uplifting and positive tone set by her in the project regardless of my requests – a big plus. Understanding my needs correctly – even a bigger plus. The desired result comes out with no stress – priceless. I got ‘Good Value’, indeed! Appreciated all you did for me.

These were recent testimonials after a course I taught for the Direct Marketing Association in Northern California. Ninety people attended online.

“Excellent course to get you started with podcasting for your business!”

Cecelia Taylor, Sr. Advocacy Manager, NetApp

“Interesting and consistently informative workshop with a great host, Susan Finch. Extremely happy to have made the time to listen in, and am definitely thinking about getting into future workshops as well as looking into Susan’s work!”Nikolay Zhurov, Ferring, Switzerland

“The workshop offered an invaluable checklist for starting a podcast from scratch including an honest look at why the podcast is being created. It’s also an excellent checkpoint if you’ve begun producing podcasts and want to evaluate your efforts to date. Susan had “real life” learning to share from strategy to small technical details that make a big difference.”

Scarlett Burks, Director of Marketing, Acxiom

“The workshop, How to Produce a Podcast, was informative and engaging. I learned valuable tips that we will use in our organization.”

Kyla Heap, Marketing and Communications Manager, FBMC

“I found the webinar on How to Produce a Podcast incredibly informative and useful. The strategies and tips were really helpful!”
Kathryn Rosewater, Senior Product Manager, AstraZeneca

“I found the description provided about the workshop matched the content exactly. It’s what I was looking for thank you.”

Brian Dowd, Manager of Customer Experience and Training, PA Notaries

“Great workshop! Definitely will help us get started with podcast content planning, messages and delivery.”

Nicol Varona, Private Banking Marketing Associate, SEI Investments

“Very engaging and informative.”

Melinda Albright, Senior Director, Cumming Corporation

“This webinar was loaded with useful and relevant information, and the speaker stayed on-topic. Very informative for someone who has never produced a podcast before.”
Allison QuarratoDigital Marketing Associate, BISCO Dental

“How to Produce a Podcast was a great starting point for my company as we explore how podcasts can benefit our company. Easy to understand and broken down in relatable steps!”

Ingrid Sjostrand, Project Manager, Hour Media

“This was a very informative session and Susan is an extremely engaging and knowledgeable speaker. She was able to demystify podcast production and layout the steps in an easy to follow and relatable way.”

Sean Patton, Global Campaign Manager, Symphony RetailAI

“I am brand new to podcasting and this workshop was a great place to start! I now feel more knowledgeable and prepared to launch a podcast.”

Ashleigh Petersen, News and Business Editor, American Rental Association

“I didn’t realize this workshop was on the same day that I took off from work. Susan made the two hours fly by with information I never knew and she was so engaging. My day off was truly enriched by this experience. And fun!”Christine Girandola, Regional Manager – Advertising, AM Best

“Great content! Well worth the time spent listening to the course!

Amy Punchard, Marketing Director, First United Bank

“This workshop gave me the confidence I need to now move forward with packaging and posting our new company podcast. It provided helpful checklists and practical tips to ensure our launch is set up for success.”

Regina Smith, Senior Events Manager, Miles & Stockbridge P.C.

“A must for someone thinking about starting a podcast.”

Megan Guido, Chief Marketing Officer, Pullman Regional Hospital

“This workshop has given me so much more insight into the details of how to start a podcast. I’ve googled and done my own research before, but this was so extensive and great! It’s definitely going to help me with future projects.”

Sierra Gault, Social Media Coordinator, Interiors by Steven G

“As someone preparing to dip my org’s toe into the podcast pool, I now feel much more informed on the considerations and caveats to keep in mind for setting up a podcast and managing it down the road.”

Brian Haefs. Director of Publications, Society of Interentional Radiology

“If you’re just starting out with podcasting, Susan can teach you all the tricks of the trade to get your ideas off the ground fast and look your best while doing it.”

David Santos, Senior UX Designer, Mercer

“Launching a podcast can be daunting, but Susan broke it down step-by-step. She shared golden nuggets of advice on what to do before turning on the mic. She also spoke the truth: Perfection is overrated. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement to get started!

Elizabeth Jia, Corporate Communications and Marketing, Freddie Mac