decades of experience in restoring and rebuilding

We Will Find All the Pieces

We know where to look to find the pieces of your website, how to reset access, and if it’s truly “gone” we’ll find the most recent back ups and help you rebuild. Typically, we can get you back up and running in hours, depending on the depth of the fragments.

  • Track down, access, and reset

  • Update hosting situation if necessary

  • Update themes, plugins, content, security

  • Verify mail is working properly from site

  • Update compliance and privacy for best practices including GDPR and CA requirements

Tracking down your pieces to put them back together
save your reputation

Your clients trust you, will your prospects?

When a website or mail go down, it gives prospects pause as to how reliable you are. Assuring them their information you hold is safe, your services are reliable, and that you always have a back-up plan in place will allow them to relax, trust you, and recommend you to their colleagues, friends, and clients. Sometimes your website is the first place they try to get to know you, then they move on to your social media presence. How are you looking? How current is your site? Links all working? Content up to date? Contact page cryptic or straightforward?

Once the crisis is over we’ll help you rebuild, renovate, and continue your growth.

Let’s plan the ongoing review and implement process to stay current.

Renovate & Maintain

Reporting, posting, evaluating, simplifying.

Checklist and details

Unify, Onboard & Retain

Podcasts, news, alerts, events.

Attract and retain talent

Speaking, Panels & Training

Your event, virtual or in-person.

Co-host, MC, Speaker

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