Speaking, teaching, training, guest, or interviewer.

Here are some topics I can talk about or teach:


  • Review, clean, update, and delete – time to review your old content.
  • Branding planning for domains, logos and more.
  • List Purges: turning errors, undelivered emails, and LinkedIn updates into conversations.
  • Using a podcast internally and externally to build your brand and culture.
  • Finding your accounts and editing, deleting, or locking them down – personal and professional.
  • Incorporating generative AI logically into your strategy.
  • Positioning yourself as the local expert (B2C).
  • Spotlighting your company’s core beliefs and discarding the distractions.


  • IT STARTS WITH A CONVERSATION: Podcasting for B2B, B2C, and creating unlikely alliances.
  • THEY REMEMBER HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL: Tapping into the stories tucked away in your Customer Service team.
  • SPOTLIGHT ON YOUR SUPERFANS: Reviews – finding, responding, and requesting them to introduce prospects to your business.
  • CHANGING LIVES DOING WHAT YOU ALREADY DO: Strategic volunteering and non-profit alliances where everyone wins.
  • GO, GO, FLOP: The pitfalls of going full throttle and running out of fuel.

Get to know Susan’s teaching style through a Direct Marketing Association Northern California course



Susan can speak to your audience with relatable instances, peppered with Aha moments, leaving the techno, geek and acronym-speak behind. She also has taught industry seminars in a variety of topics giving so much helpful, tangible, applicable information she’s been asked to break it down to a 2-3 session series so they don’t miss a thing. She’s been invited back to these regular conferences because of the value to the membership. She also teaches regular courses online for the Direct Marketing Association’s Northern California Chapter.

I met Susan through the NRBA (National REO Brokers Association) a few years ago as a speaker and trainer for the Members and Master Brokers within the organization. She is proactive, result oriented, responsible and technically sound Member & Trainer and she is always ready to put all her energy and time to get the job done. She has an exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skill in Technology and Marketing… . She is a great asset to the NRBA and I am grateful to have been able to learn so much from her.

Weaving together her experience in various industries starting with an overview, what’s been done, how it’s changed, and how to do it from beginning to end. She’s able to assess the audience ahead of time to be sure to include very specific ideas, tips, and case studies on the topic. With more than 25 years of speaking before audiences, she is able to respond, adjust, and engage with the audience spontaneously.

“Susan has the great combination of knowledge and experience along side with friendliness and compassion. I also love that Susan keeps up with current trends, education, and has a passion for her community. Very professional, and has a strong sense of determination.