This list will be reviewed and updated regularly:

Some of these are affiliate links because I talk about these tools so much, the companies appreciate it. I only list tools I use and stand behind.

  • If this, then that:
  • for recording interviews – much simpler and less cumbersome than GoToMeeting and the others.
  • – better audio recording for podcasts/interviews – alternative to zoom, but currently works in Chrome only.
  • for hosting your podcast to give you more freedom and SEO joy.
  • Get Response for drip campaigns, e-newsletters, RSS to news feeds from your site/subscribers.
  • Constant Contact – another email campaign/light CRM system.
  • for hosting over Godaddy. Godaddy does domains well, but WordPress hosting is best with AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! Your site will be screaming fast.
  • If you need domains – I’m a Godaddy Reseller. They still do domains really well and make them easy to manage.
  • Cloudflare to truly make it easy to manage your domains SOOO fast and securely. They also handle SSLs and so much more!
  • for transcripts – use transcripts to save time taking notes so you can focus on LISTENING in meetings.  Best quality and best customer service!
  • LastPass – one password, securing your browsers and helping you generate secure passwords, storing them and allowing you to share with specific people.
  • Let’s compare a few of the password manager alternatives.
  • Google Drive – so many tools. This one is handy for creating folders of items that need to be shared with legal professionals, family members, company board members, and more.
  • Google Alerts – set up alerts to see who is talking about you or your company.


I’ll continue to add to this list, but this will get you started.