We love helping companies recover and grow!

I work in several content management systems, and proprietary systems for clients and can work around most issues – either directly, or with the help of someone way smarter than me on my team. There is not one solution for hosting, how to build your site, how to market it, track its success, but you need first to know your goals, and how your target audience or client access your site and services. Are they primarily Windows and Microsoft based? Mac? Usually on a phone? There are many questionnaires available to help you define the function and needs before you decide on one word or image for your site. Taking the extra planning time can save you so much money.

Some facts about hosting and website maintenance service providers.

  • The list of top players changes constantly and is based on the specific needs of those testing them, who they are aligned with, and current trends.
  • You need an advisor who regularly reviews new players, options and best practices, rather than resting in the easy chair of how it’s always worked.
  • You are paying companies to create and maintain your online presence, which means you need to own ALL of the accounts and logins. Do not let anyone tell you this is not true.
  • You need a “hit by a bus” plan for each of your providers so you are never stuck or relying memories to rebuild your lost website.
  • I found this article pretty unbiased: https://www.websiteplanet.com/web-hosting/ written August 1, 2022.

Over the past 20 years, we have rescued dozens of websites and domains from companies that disappeared, or insisted on retaining control of all updates requiring a request for each update to the website, mail accounts, and domains.

The steps below and form is an evaluation and service we will walk you through. The recommended paths are based on over 25 years of experience working with dozens of hosting providers, mail providers, and “digital hostage” situations with disgruntled soon-to-be-former-hosting providers.


The form linked in the last step in this area has a list of situations you may be experiencing. The more you can tell us, the quicker we can help get you back to the website you had, or social profiles.


Reserve your evaluation date and time with Susan. M-F 8:30 – 3 Pacific.

Prepay to lock your time

Our experience has taught us that it’s better to get this up front since we move quickly and solve issues quickly. If you are an existing client, this is not required. This is only for new clients.


Get us all of the information you DO know, logins, contacts, history. You can always change passwords after. The more we have, the quicker we can determine and solve the issues. If there is no access available, it will take more time.


When it’s your time, you may need to be available to send validation codes to her quickly – be sure to choose a time that works for everyone involved. You’ll need to be available for a two hour window. We’ll typically be accessing domain host, website host, mail host and site admin at the same time so we don’t have to keep bothering you sporadically. Login to all.  Some hosts require several codes for various steps. We appreciate your working with us on this step.


You will receive a report of the situation, an estimate of cost to assist you either in the recovery. Some situations can be resolved quickly, others may take days or weeks, depending on what information you can share, have access to, and can assist with. You can speak to clients we have helped in the past for “from scratch” set ups, recovery situtations, or transitioning to a new website.