Stephan Hovnanian

Digital Marketing / Web Strategist

Working with Susan is like having a business coach, mentor, colleague, and 500 worker bees wrapped into one smart cookie. She helped me brand and was able to get inside my head with targeted questions so I not only got the graphics I needed, but also the direction to make my site a unique area to showcase my expertise. She pushed me through sticking points, delivered what she promised and more. Hire her.

Jessica Dewell on Creativity and Implementation

CEO, Infusion Principle

After working with Susan on several projects, here’s what I can say:
1. She quickly grasps a situation and asks astute questions to get to exactly what is needed.
2. She’s budget conscious and detail oriented. Everything she says she will do – will be delivered.
3. FUN! Because she loves what she does, she generates an excitement to push projects forward to implementation.

Ely Delaney

Marketing Strategy Architect | Co-Founder

I had the honor of being a guest on the Geek Speak Guides Podcast. Susan and Yvi were a blast to work with. Susan made my life as a guest as easy as possible prepping me before the show, and on the show… we had so much fun! She’s an awesome host making her guests completely at home and feeling like rockstars!

If you have the opportunity to work with Susan I know she’ll make you feel at ease and comfortable.

Kurt M. Kjelland

Senior Legal Counsel, Qualcomm Inc.

I hired Susan to develop an integrated marketing strategy for the San Diego Intellectual Property Law Association ( She completely redid our organization’s website, developed our twitter account, created our logo, and integrated our marketing efforts to more efficiently communicate with our membership. Susan is a joy to work with. She is creative beyond compare, and her sense of humor always makes things interesting and fun. I could not recommend her more.

Mari Anne Vanella

CEO, Vanella Group, Inc.

“I can highly recommend Susan as a designer for any kind of content/web/collateral a company needs. She is super responsive, with quick turnaround on anything you ask. Susan really goes above and beyond to add value and deliver great work. It is a pleasure to work with her, she is smart, current on technology and the various languages, she is very fair in her rates, and really enjoys her work which allows her to deliver what you want. I am glad to give a personal reference for anyone that wants to work with her.”

Paula Chiocchi

President/Founder Outward Media, Inc.

“I want to thank you for so expertly handling the set up for the interview today and for teaching me Google Plus. I think you grasp our business well and so I am offering to you our assistance in any way we may be able to help you personally and for your clients. 

I hope I get to meet you in person one day.” 

Margo Crummack

CEO/Principal at Crummack Huseby, Inc. Real Estate Management

Susan, while not only be an absolute pleasure to work with, is very detail oriented, no mistakes, very fast and has changed the face of our website to an exceptional degree. We have struggled with other service providers over the past 2 years and Susan far has exceeded their abilities and our expectations. I would highly recommend her!

PJ La Barge


Susan is amazing. I have worked with her for 21 years, first as my Laguna Beach gallery owner and then as my web manager. After an eyes glazed over experience with Go Daddy regarding my web site hosting I called Susan. She called them including me in a conference call. Not only was everything resolved faster then I could imagine, she saved me substantially in the fiscal department. I was struck with how tremendously facile she is in techno language and then her ability to translate and simplify information. Just listening for 5 minutes increased my level of respect for her abilities and decreased my level of stress.
I have always enjoyed working with Susan, this experience enhanced my knowledge of her right left brain ability, creating a incredible feeling of being in fabulously capable hands.

Mindee Doney

Mindee Doney

Consultant, Inventor

I have worked with Susan a few times yet not ever been one to fill out recommendations for people until my meeting with her today inspired me. Her patience and problem solving with me and my business goals was amazing. Knowing I was coming from another high stress meeting, she even made me some outstanding Tamales for lunch and let me unwind!! A great person with passion for what she does, incredible knowledge in her industry and a mean mexican makin mama!!! Thank you Susan!

Kay Hunter

Kay Hunter

Image Consultant - Imagine the Possibilities

Susan, This guy had no problem finding me in the search engines and they are a great company! I have landed a company executive who is being flown in from Colorado to do a quick 2-day complete makeover. 

Bye, Kay Hunter

 PS  A young client found me via an internet search and liked my twitter, etc. Thank you!

Mark Gross of US Loan Servicing

Mark Gross

Owner, US Loan Servicing

I find her to be reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat and ready for challenge. Her ability to organize large projects that others find paralyzing is invaluable. She is an excellent in multi task environments communicating to management only to the level of involvement that I specified. I regularly received unsolicited praise from other team members praising her enthusiastic nature, ability to work with minimal supervision and unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations.

Organized and diligent, Susan quickly learns what you are looking to accomplish, even when in unfamiliar territory. She has my highest recommendation and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information.

James W. Obermayer

James Obermayer

Susan Finch stepped into the Sales Lead Management Association as our Web Director and from that day, our growth accelerated.  We are constantly trying new things to educate and serve our membership and Susan has been instrumental in suggesting new ideas.  She reorganized our newsletter, opened our Twitter Account (3943 tweets so far), re-launched the blog, created our software reviews and started our news service. She shaped new ways to produce revenue for the association and help us grow.  She launched the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management election, the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management, organized the cartoon series, started up our content management program, and created logos for the SLMA Radio Program and all of our other programs.   She reacts quickly with changes to the site(s), her costs are reasonable (below market, but don’t tell her I said it).   Her approach to life is up and inspiring; we love working with Susan!

Jack Perry author of "Jack, You're Fired!"

Jack Perry

Author, Speaker

You have been a terrific source, service and partner for the Perry Team. Your superb communication skills and positive attitude make it easy for your clients to get the desired results. And of course your technical knowledge is first class. Of course the best is your caring attitude for your clients.

Susan gets an A Plus in person and professional services.

Matt Perry

Realtor - Broker

Susan has been an integral part of my business for nearly a decade and I am very grateful and appreciative of her consistent results. She is always ready to take on the task and has had the ability to understand my needs and perform to them in a timely manner. I STRONGLY advise anyone in need of help with a website or digital marketing to invest in Susan. I consider her to be one of most valuable assets of my business and owe a good amount of my success to her.

Shigeyo Kikuchi, EA, LTC

Tax Consultant

Shigeyo has just started her business. We met through WEO. She is very mindful of her budget, as a start up.
“I want more people know that there is a way to launch a decent website through your site.  Not everybody has ample budget to have a site.  Little money but a big dream to have a website.  Such people should try the tool on your site.  DIY is one of the “American” things to do anyway…  So, why not?!  You did the part that I cannot possibly could – that’s what the professional’s job done, well done.  Thank you!” shigeyo

Michael Blood

Network Hero / IT Professional

“Susan Finch has provided my company and several clients I've recommended in the past with effecient and professional websites and website design.. She is personable, thorough with a constant flow of ideas for any concept I have ever brought to her. Her effecient, helpful personality has helped us put together several large, successful projects.”


Denver Prophit, Jr.

IT Executive & Social Media Professional

Susan Finch is a highly qualified consultant in all things related to visual branding. Her depth of knowledge surpasses most persons I’ve come in contact with over the last decade. Do a YouTube search for her name and see exactly what I have seen over the last few months.

I highly recommend this professional to any and all of my clients.