Certificate of complettion of WebAIM.org course on compliant documents

Our websites are made of many pieces, including linked documents such as annual reports, agendas, product training, and support.

Did you know that up to 25% of the population of adults who seek information on websites and work for companies have some type of hearing or vision disability?

This includes low vision, colorblindness, contrast issues, partial loss of hearing and more.

Recently, I was engaged to help a government entity get not only their website compliant and meet ADA standards but also assist them with the required agendas and guides they must make public. This includes PDFs, DOC, PPT, slideshows, videos and more. We took the opportunity to go through and update content, the structure of headings, links, images to bring the site into full compliance. This process has also really tightened up the visitor journey on their site to make it more logical.

Do you need to know how bad of shape you are in, or perhaps how good of shape? How about all your reports, whitepapers, presentations, and more? Captions on videos? Why not?

Let’s set up a time to talk about your needs and come up with a plan to first evaluate and then correct. 

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