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Market Dominance Guys Podcast & Branding

Market Dominance Guys

When I listened to the sample episodes Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell and Corey Frank, CEO of UncommonPro, wanted to turn into a podcast I knew we needed edgy, almost naughty branding. We needed to make a statement to go with the boldness of their approach to sales, cold calling, and selling the ONE product …

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Cold Frame Farms – same name, next phase.

Cold Frame Farms has a great reputation as a cannabis grower. Cold Frame Farms is an Oregon ownership cannabis producer with a focus on high-quality production of the best strains available to the discerning cannabis aficionado. They are ready to increase their market share and want to be around a long time. I helped them …

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1 brand, 4 websites – Audubon Realty

HUD for Louisiana

When you have multiple divisions, you need to have cohesive, yet unique branding and content. For Audubon Realty, his old site didn’t perform well and didn’t allow him to use it as a marketing vehicle. We started with Audubon Realty and then added Louisiana REO and HUD For Lousiana. Recently, broker/owner David Reso earned his …

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Site Launch: Casey’s Plumbing, Portland Metro Area

Cause for celebration today!  Launched Casey’s Plumbing new site and blog.  We’ll be adding more content in the next week, but it was time.  Video to come – continue evolution AND we have a new look.  Everyone is excited at their more uplifiting colors, more efficient content and tools.  The conversation has been opened with …

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Revisiting some favorite projects from the past year or so.

Sometimes I forget how much I like a design I've done in the past.  I ran across a few via Twitter and wanted to share them again. – resource for discount wines – helping you improve your professional image – 18,500 seniors in one community – flash opener, but still a …

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Lair Hill Music Launches First of Three New Sites

Brandy Keehn and Marc Hutchinson are talented musicians and teachers.  They wanted a new online presence to give people the feeling they've already met these two in person as they make a decision on which teacher to choose for their children. Next will be a site for each Brandy and Marc to promote their performance …

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Raquel Edwards’ New Site Launches

Photographer and Encaustic artist, Raquel Edwards has many creative skills. I’m grateful that programming isn’t one of them.  I had the privilege of creating her new website to show her most current work. Raquel is a smart artist who knows that she needs to be able to take care of as much of the updates …

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