Your podcast is in the can. You had a great show, but could the replays be tighter? Were there hiccups in the show that you wish hadn’t aired? This is where thoughtful, thorough editing services come in to play. Yes, you can send it through Fivrr, offshore service providers, automated scripts for the pauses, ums and ahs, but is that enough? If you have a hobby podcast, our editing isn’t for you.

If you are interviewing prospects, thought leaders and hope to stand out as a trusted resource, you need more competent editing. Would your automated services be able to recognize and edit out a snarky comment about your competition that makes you and your guest sound petty? Probably not. Would your guest replay that episode, share it out on LinkedIn and with their CMOs, CEOs, and CFOs, mailing lists, probably not. This is why you need a discerning, thoughtful, tactful, business professional who has spent enough time in corporate to understand that you just don’t want to promote certain things.

Basic editing will catch uhs, ums, likes, ya knows and pauses. But will it catch stammering, stuttering, dogs barking, redos of certain answers to find which sounds the best of the two versions? Probably not. What about mic feedback when you have two mics, two tracks, but one voice carries into the next mic and sounds like the interview was in the bathroom? Probably not.

If you want to ensure your guest will want to share out their appearance on your show, perhaps extract a couple of key points in snippets, you need our editing services. There is no flat quote. We’d need a sample of 5 minutes to show you the difference. We would use that as a typical show process, with typical edits to be made and would give you a quote from there.

Typically, a 25-minute end show whittled down from 32 minutes, with a guest who stammers and has a heavy accent can take up to 3 hours to edit.

Experienced guests and hosts without typical likes, ums, ya know habits can take as little as 1.5 hours to edit.

What you end up with is a super clean show where everyone is happy to share it out. You also end up with clean snippets of key points to use as side posts.

Send us a sample, get a quote.

Please send us a clip of an unedited file you'd like us to use as a base for your quote. If you have messy podcasts, send us a messy clip - we want to be accurate for you.