Recently a lapse client called panicked. They had tried to go with the “eh, it’s fine” solution to maintaining their site, the off-shore solution to social media posts and now they have a password and access mess. Actually, had. We solved it in about 36 hours.

This is what happened when they came to me:

  • Their website was down.
  • They had no admin access.
  • Their clients who login to another portal from a subdomain could no longer log in.
  • They didn’t know where the site was hosted.
  • They had no domain access.
  • Their mail was down.

They now have all access back in their names and emails.

  • We are the back up contacts in all venues, but they are the main owners – again.
  • We locked out all “old characters.”
  • We updated their hosting for their site, domain and mail.
  • We moved hosting, updated SSL, added a CDN and now everything is working.

Our main hiccup was INTERNALLY their servers needed the site to work with www and go to one location, and without was the public site. This was set up about 20 years ago and they don’t want it to change. They are the client. I recommended, asked, pleaded, but that’s what we have and that is working as it “always has.”

All is calm and well. We are working on our next project together. Stay tuned. No name is mentioned to not call attention to the client’s business having this issue.