You don’t have to do it all!

Please don’t try – spend your time keeping your voice smooth and getting great guests. If you have a podcast – can be old or new – you may need help making use of your great episodes. Even older episodes need love and deserve added exposure. Why not? You took the time to interview your guest, you loved the interview, they were happy. They are still in business and what you talked about is still valid. Why not get some mileage out of it?  These rates are based at $140/hour. Funnel Radio hosts’ rate is $110/hour.

Here are some podcasting services I could help you with:

  1. Perform social media pushes on Twitter, Linkedin. 15 minutes per episode. 30 minutes per week.
  2. Create branded graphics with quotes from the show – guest and/or host formatted to a size suitable for Linkedin status post, LinkedIn article, Twitter, Instagram or venues of your choice. Only from a transcript. About 30 minutes for 6 graphics. If you send us the quote,s 30 minutes for 8 graphics in up to three sizes. If there is no transcription and we need to listen to the entire episode to pull the nuggets, it will take about an hour for a 20 minute episode, including graphics.
  3.  Create Blog entries w/image on scheduled ahead of time. Several can be done at once to trickle out. If we have transcription, much quicker – we clean it up, dress it up. 30 minutes per episode including call to action at the end.
  4.  Create “mini-courses” (2-3 programs on the same subject), from your existing shows and offered as one 60 minute program (posts to your site – not live) looping them or embedding each player within the same post. If you know which shows fit the topic, then 2 hours including promo graphics.
  5. Create YouTube versions of programs for your business channel (these will build a separate audience count) of an existing program and include branding, stills of guest/host. This can also be done with loops and all can have timestamps in outline format in description. About 1 hour per 1/2 hour episode, including custom thumbnail and post description taken from transcription or blog post, link back to episode.
  6.  Reposting programs under new titles and descriptions. About 30 minutes per episode with new graphics and program titles. This an push up replays from 45-100% over the original post.
  7.  Post program snippets of 2-10 minutes as stand lone ‘mini’ shows from existing show content.
    1. From a timestamped or marked in the transcript. This can be a range of 1 hour to 2 hours for two 10 minute snippets, including graphics unique to the snippet.
  8. Send each show’s links, artwork and embeddable code to each guest. Great way to reopen a conversation and have your episode posted on the guest’s site.  15 minutes.  Copies to program host.

Why you need a podcast and what it can do for you!

I’m also a podcast producer: to see some of the shows I co-produce. I can help you start to finish and even give new life to older episodes. Did you used to do a lot of webinars but they have gone way down in attendance, yet the information is still valid and helpful? Let’s breathe new life into those, as well.

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What I would need from you:

Your logo – high-res vector, guest logo/photo, book covers if applicable, your headshot. Oh, and social: Twitter handles for all involved, LinkedIn profile links for host, guest and company. Transcript, if you have one for each episode.

I will most likely need access to your Twitter, blog back end, podcast site back end, in case I need to generate code not readily available.