Susan’s Favorite Tools

This list will be reviewed and updated regularly:

LastPass – one password, securing your browsers and helping you generate secure passwords, storing them and allowing you to share with specific people.

Let’s compare a few of the password manager alternatives:

Google Drive – so many tools. This one is handy to create folders of items that need to be shared with legal professionals, family members, company board members and more.

Google Alerts – set up alerts to see who is talking about you or your company.


I’ll continue to add to this list, but this will get you started.

How to make graphics using Google Slides.

Dustin Stout keeps updating this link with the ever-changing requirements by various social media venues for your images. Bookmark it!

How to pose for a good headshot – after you have lighting in place, are wearing a solid, flattering color – NO STRIPES – this will help you in any social posing situation! Learn from Austin, age 6

Quick guide to Twitter lists and how to use them.

Creating high-quality images from PowerPoint using PhotoShop and PDFs


Some of my favorite tools:

If this, then that:

Sprout Social: for podcast file streaming: – works great with WordPress

Confluent Forms: – UTM tool.

Get Response for drip campaigns, enewsletters, rss to news feeds from your site/subscribers:

Constant Contact – another email campaign/light CRM system.