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Real Estate Broker Resume for HUD and REO

Most of my real estate clients specialize in REO, foreclosure, HUD, and other distressed properties. They need to have a ton of qualifications, and credibility to be trusted by banking clients. This resume is part of a HUD package sent for Louisiana Broker/Owner, David Reso. David is always expanding his certifications and knowledge to be …

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Podcast Branding

Matt Heinz host of Sales Pipeline Radio

Every podcast needs a name, a place to reside, branding, a theme song, intro and commercials. It also needs promotions for each episode past, current and future. I do that. As the co-producer of the Funnel Radio Network on Funnel Media Group’s channels, I’m able to be involved in the 15 shows we produce each …

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20 Women Business Leaders

20 women to watch - Erika Goldwater

This is a rebranding of 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management. It was time to change the focus, graphics and more. Site update went along with this. Simple blog, but the graphics are used in badges, certificates and more. We also use them for the nominees and winners to promote through social media.

KSP Marketing

KSP Marketing

New marketing professional that wanted a clean logo to simply state what she does. She specialized in social media strategies, posts and outreach. She was surprised how painless the process was and went with the first idea. Can’t wait to watch her grow.

Prime Location Realty

Michelle had no real branding and she knew what she wanted – as far as her target market and perceived value. We worked together on colors, feeling, impact. She’s thrilled! She even used the logo on her door, which made me VERY happy. We have wrangled her social profiles, pages and more and updated them …

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Riding for the Brand: Living a Principled Life at Home and on the Range

A guest post by author, speaker, trainer, Jack Perry. He sent this to me after he heard that I spoke to the members of the NRBA on the topic of their personal brands. “Riding for the brand” was the code of the Wild West. According to famed Western writer Louis L’Amour, the expression meant “loyalty to …

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Responsive Update: SDIPLA


We built this site a few years ago in WordPress. It’s been lovely, but as happens with themes, the theme is no longer supported with updates, nor was it responsive. Time for a change. The need to incorporate PayPal RSVP buttons for their events. Nothing elaborate, but that is their major call to action and …

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