Your Own Merchandise On-Demand

How can you easily create branded merchandise for your employees without having to order dozens of them. Wouldn’t it be fun if your members, employees, fans, families could create on-demand merchandise with your company message, tagline, podcast catch-phrases. What if they could order shirts, hats, button-ups, onesies, mugs, tote bags with your logo?

We can help you set it up where they can order items as they want to – perhaps before a big conference, for a promotional event, to launch a product, or to continuing “wearing the colors” proudly to promote the brand. You can make it open to anyone with the link, have some admin only items for awards, or special gifts. You can lock it down to invite only band approve each purchase. It can be as open or as exclusive as you want it.

This is a great idea for membership organizations. The NRBA has just launched their members only store. They will pre-order metal “signs” as their awards for the annual conference. Here are some other fun designs we did for two of our podcast clients. These are popular baby gifts, we’re finding, and super fan thank yous.

If you don’t have a vector (flexible-resizable) version of your logo, we can help recreate it for you. This is one of the most fun things we do when we create the taglines and what they should go on. There is a lot of laughing and passing coffee through our noses, but we think we’re pretty funny and our clients are too. Making people smile with your message is a great way to get them talking about you.