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What is a gift?

As the founder of a 501c3 100% volunteer organization, from time to time I hear a volunteer complain that a receiving organization didn’t thank them. I have heard from people in my life that after a gift was given by them, the recipient didn’t thank them enough, or properl,y or that they never used the item or, gave it away.  These people are not givers. They are barterers. They want to receive something in exchange for “giving” something. This is not giving, but TRADING.

My mom taught me when I was small to give quietly. No one needs to know what you do, what you give or how much. I have taken it a step further with Binky Patrol ( If you give to expect a thank you, don’t give. The giving is your present to yourself, the joy of making, buying, finding, and then giving. Release the gift. Allow the recipient to get joy from the gift however they choose.This may mean giving it to another – perhaps they know of someone that would love the gift even more, perhaps they needed a gift and could not afford to purchase one to give. You have given them that opportunity. What a blessing! They experienced joy from your gift, just not as you expected.

I’m a fan of strategic volunteering where everyone wins. I’m also a fan of VERY quiet giving. Release you gift or donation with love. Check your motives for giving if this is really bothering you. If you are giving to receive, rethink it, please. Charities are working hard enough to scramble volunteers, distribute items, raise funds. Appeasing egos is not in their mission statement. Yes, Emily Post taught us to hand write thank you notes. Exception, if you ship something, you do want to make sure it’s been received – that’s a confirmation of receipt – not a thank you note. Either ask for one from your shipper, or drop a quick note to the relative making sure it arrived. If it did, don’t give it another thought. If you gave to a charity, you have your check receipt for taxes, if that is the concern. Wish them well in their endeavors and give again if you choose. Their gratitude is always felt, just not always as expected.

Making Blankets for Children and Teens in Need of Comfort 4/21

Binky Patrol is an all-volunteer 501c3 org.  The Beaverton/Portland Chapters are having a day of making blankets. We need more volunteers.  We are just over one week away from the next Binky Patrol Bink-A-Thon, on Saturday, April 21st from 9:00am – 1:30pm… and we still have 50 volunteer spots left to fill!  Please consider joining us for another fast-paced event …

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A tribute to a talented entrepreneur who happens to be a woman and mom

Having moved from a fabulous group of PR professionals in Orange County, CA was difficult.  I thrived at the roundtable discussion groups that brought 'competitors' together to help solve each other's client challenges, promote each other's charities and support and cheer for each other on a monthly basis.

I moved to Beaverton, OR and found Mamapreneurs aka, The Power MOB.  Social Media Expert, Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur – Marlynn Schotland led this band of professional mothers who were caught in the in-between of play groups that were all mom and networking groups that we all business.  She had a need and turned it in to a vision and then shared it with any woman who was in her predicament.  I found my networking home.  We would talk business, shoes, kids; laugh, cry, cheer and get really… errr.. supportive (not really the word, but let's keep it friendly) if anyone messed with one of us.  We combined all facets of our lives because we are a sum of all of these facets that create the jewels we each recognize.

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Sometimes you have to take a break to get out of yourself.

It's been a great Monday. We started out happy, the children were off to school, I had great projects to work on. Then I received an email that stopped my day dead in its tracks.  A classmate of my son (6), lost her mother to colon cancer on Friday.  She's an only child and I cannot imagine the sadness and fear she and her dad are going through right now. 

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Proud Member of SLMA

Welcome SLMA Members, industry professionals, newsletter subscribers.  Thank you for clicking on my logo from website. I've been working with Jim Obermayer for nearly three years as he has grown this organization through marketing efforts, word of mouth, and a lot of hard work. It's an honor to work with a man of such …

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Welcome WEO Members!

Thank you for visiting my site today from the WEO website.  Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon has become one of my favorite organizations, not only because of the amazing and inspiring women who are members, but because of the secondary mission of helping other women such as those who are clients of Shepherd’s Door in Portland. …

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Good Old Fashioned Networking Wins Out Over Social Media Contacts

The problem of finding a way to get over 1,000 quilts delivered to Japan was presented to me yesterday.  The solution wasn't through "connections," "friends," followers," the solution  came from my very first networking group that meets face to face around an oval table once a month.  This group holds my networking heart because they …

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This Friday, February 25th from 6pm-9pm at Sip D’Vine off 7829 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, several Oregon  women will be awarded MOMtrepreneurs Red Dress Society’s ‘Angel Awards’.   

The Red Dress Society’s ‘Angel Awards’ program, founded by Angelina and Daniel Musik-Comp, recognizes women behind social causes or non-profits, nominated by their communities from Portland to Beaverton to Umpqua River,  for demonstrating how to make a difference in other’s lives.