CEOs, are your metrics telling the whole story of your company’s health? Susan Finch poses this vital question to her guest, customer intelligence expert Laura Patterson, in this episode. Laura spotlights critical yet overlooked metrics beyond sales and profit — brand equity and customer value. These interlinked measures provide unparalleled visibility into your company’s ability to attract, retain, and expand customer relationships over time. According to Patterson, savvy executives harness these advanced analytics to steer product innovation, segment customers precisely, model business impacts, and ultimately make decisions that accelerate growth. Connecting the dots between these additional metrics and concrete outcomes gives you the power to future-proof your organization amid disruption. Will you lead with expanded metrics to propel competitive advantage? The insights in this episode equip you to do so.

The intro focuses on the bottom-line benefits of the discussed metrics for CEOs and uses Laura Patterson’s expertise to compel leaders to incorporate broader intelligence.



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About Laura Patterson:

Laura Patterson has believed in the power of customer-centricity since childhood, when she sold chocolates door-to-door. She founded the growth strategy firm VisionEdge Marketing in 1999 to help companies reap the rewards of a customer focus. Patterson has severed as director of customer marketing and brand strategy, customer relationship manager, customer marketing initiative lead, and customer loyalty architect for companies like Motorola. An award-winning author and speaker, she shares her expertise through books, interactive workshops, research, and advisory services to boards and executives. Patterson is passionate about enabling businesses to accelerate growth through four key game-changers: better growth strategies, organization-wide customer-centricity, performance measurement, and operational excellence. With over 25 years helping companies implement these customer-first approaches, her mission remains unchanged – inspire organizations to fully leverage customer intelligence for sustainable success.