• Are you using @gmail.com for your business? Really?
  • What about branding? Many real estate agents rely on their franchise sites and branding. Will you be with them forever? If not, you’d better create your own brand. Your own logo, your company name, and your own domain.
  • Your Facebook page is not your website. You do not own Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. You need your own site. Who are YOU? What is your company culture?
  • Domains are cheap. You can get them through several companies.
  • Branded email through  Google Workspace is about $7/month.
  • Be memorable, be professional. When people see emails coming from @gmail.com is screams temporary, not stable, not legitimate. Would you give money to a company with an @gmail account for accounting?
  • Do you already have a domain, but it’s not tied to a website? Even a minimal site will help assure people you are an actual company.

If you are ready to build a site, some of the elements you need to have:

  • A contact page with your phone number that you will answer, mailing address, and email, plus a form. Quit hiding.
  • About you -with a photo. People hire humans.
  • What is your value – that’s your home page. Talk about THEM, your target audience, the people you want to work with.

Do you have a site, but it’s dated, not being maintained, is off-putting?

Sometimes, Almost always, a refresh is better than a start-over. Do not delete your site until you meet with someone, even if it’s not us. Go through the logic, the structure, and the setup. Being hasty in your decisions can plummet your entire SEO presence up to that point.


Recently, I had someone tell me that she wasn’t able to work on her site. She built it in WordPress, but the theme was no longer supported. Instead of asking for help, she clicked on an unsolicited email from an @gmail.com account. I kid you not. This stuff happens every day.

She gave this new company access to her domain, and moved her site there, built it herself again in a different platform. The site is barely functional, challenging to edit, and she lost ALL traffic. She has no way to recover her history of traffic and see what pages were popular to set up redirects.

The DIY method is a waste of her talent as a professional speaker. It’s a waste of your talent as a real estate professional. This is what we do every day. We have been creating these solutions for over 20 years. At least pay to get recommendations and an evaluation, and then you can decide if you’d rather close more deals or fight with domain hosting, Google, WordPress, and IDX feeds.

Please slow down.

Talk to professionals, even if you don’t hire them to build or maintain your site.

Have us evaluate what you have or lost.

It may not be as bad as you think it is.