I hope you enjoy this video: Creating high quality video images using PPT and Photoshop. I’ve been doing a lot of voiceover lately for clients. They’ve been giving me a PowerPoint presentation, I help them select and purchase the images – yes – PURCHASE with a license – even low-budget royalty free ones. Then, I help them create a video for use on their YouTube channels, as webinars, and more. But to do this, they want nice, crisp images.

Simply exporting JPG files from PowerPoint doesn’t give you high quality images suitable for large screen video, neither does printing to PDF or saving as PDF. You need to EXPORT it at high res and then open in Photoshop as high res to save as high res for video. This quick video will give you the basics. WONDERFUL WAY to use one piece of content several ways to get maximum benefit from your efforts.

Reminder, in your PPT presentations and your images, make sure they are branded with your information at the bottom or somewhere.