They’ve chosen a pope that is yet to be named. Here are the contenders. I viewed their head shots and had immediate opinions of each without even reading their bios. It goes to show you the importance of a good head shot that is your initial representation to those getting to know you, considering you, reading your articles, bios or profiles on LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media venues, including your own website.

I bet you can come up with a story or opinion for each one without ever clicking  on their heads in this CNN article:
Technically, any adult Catholic male can be elected to the papacy, but the last pope not chosen from the College of Cardinals was Urban VI in 1379. The cardinals who seem to be front-runners to replace the current pope are referred to as “papabile,” or translated from the Italian, “pope-able.” The following is a list of some cardinals considered “papabile,” according to John Allen, CNN analyst and correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter.Related: Full Story of contenders  (Just in – the Pope was elected – not any of these guys: Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina