Marketers, Free Your Mind with AI – Don’t Be So Shallow

From a content creator’s perspective. Consider this quote, “AI will not replace, you, but someone using it will.”

It’s true. Embrace it, play with it, and make it work for you to make you more efficient. You will still want to put your spin on it and most likely run it through Grammarly, at the least! We’ve been having fun exploring search capabilities on Shutterstock, and maneuvering through ChatGTP to see how many variations can give us the closest to the ideal posts we need. These two episodes produced by Funnel Media Group cover both ends of marketing and AI – writing posts, headlines, and profiles. Then, Tessa and Ray interview Michael Francello from Shutterstock about the creative end – video, images, and collaborations using AI. These two episodes will get you thinking and hopefully exploring how these tools can help you be a more effective marketer.
This is from a recent episode of Asher Sales Sense with guest, Judy Schramm, CEO ProResource, Inc.

And from a visual perspective, a recent episode of LeaderGeneration by ModOp with guest, Michael Francello of Shutterstock


And if you have an En Vogue earworm, here are the lyrics to Free Your Mind written by Denzil Foster and Thomas Mcelroy:

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