Susan Finch and Lany Sullivan are plunging into the inky black to tackle the four crucial moments when conducting a business assessment, which is an absolute must. They’ll help you identify the signs that your business is ready for a thorough evaluation, and trust us, ignoring these red flags could lead to a total “blowup” down the line – and nobody wants that!

Lany shares her expert insights on navigating the challenges of rapid growth, delegating effectively, optimizing your tech stack, and building an ideal team with high efficiency and retention. Whether you’re a visionary leader or a detail-oriented executive, this episode is oozing with actionable advice to help you achieve sustainable success. Are you ready to assess, optimize, and take your business to new possibilities of scale and growth?



Some key points you may want to jump to:

00:00:00 Introduction: The importance of conducting a business assessment
00:00:30 Four key areas that indicate when to do a business assessment
00:01:00 Point 1: Navigating explosive growth and maintaining infrastructure
00:04:30 Point 2: CEO holding all knowledge and not delegating effectively
00:12:30 Point 3: Outdated systems and broken tech stack
00:24:00 Point 4: Preparing to hire new team members
00:25:00 Conducting Lany’s system of “Love, Hate, Delegate” exercise to identify hiring needs
00:27:00 Documenting processes and creating a detailed scope of work
00:28:30 Developing an onboarding process and setting expectations for new hires
00:30:00 The importance of taking the time to document and train properly

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