Podcast and Whitepaper Buzz Service, aka Boost Packages

You spent a lot of time creating your whitepaper, or producing your podcast, or webinar. It’s over, you’ve promoted it with the standard press release, article for LinkedIn to touch on the same points and link back to your site, but there is so much more you can do.

Those of you with a library on YouTube, Libsyn, Blubrry, iTunes, GooglePlay, NPR and more have a wealth of opportunity to keep using that content and driving new audiences back to your site to listen, sign up for replays, downloads and more. It just takes time.

That’s where we come in. We’ll help you keep the buzz going even months later. Through graphics, social media, strategic scheduling and creative writing with SEO and your audience in mind, we’ll help you give your past content continued life. We’ll even work with your strategic partners from the event or white paper to really get it moving! This frees you up to truly engage with your audience.

We can also help you stir it up for your event or appearance ahead of time.

If you have weekly shows on the radio, podcast, vlogs, we’ll make sure your guest has a tidy package of embed code and graphics, @mentions on Twitter all linking back to your show. With video appearances, we’ll create your custom YouTube or Vimeo first slide, help you with channel branding and a crisp, attention-getting look. We’ll make it easy for your team, guests and super fans to share it to their networks, too.

Packages start at $2720/month for four 30 minute shows. You will be given all graphics and the posts will be posted to your blog/podcast site, social media venues and drip campaigns.


Let’s stop wasting your great content and get started!

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