Are you leaving money on the table in your business? If you haven’t evaluated your entire customer journey from end to end, chances are there are holes that are costing you revenue. In this episode, operations experts Susan Finch and Lany Sullivan dive into why your customer journey is the key to sustainable revenue. They share examples of the broken processes they often see, and provide practical advice for establishing foundational systems that will help you shift from constantly rebuilding your business to making small pivots for long-term growth. Tune in to discover how to plug the leaks in your customer journey and build a business that works.



Some key points from this episode include:

  • Lany (5:40): “Your money is between your marketing and your referrals. It’s between those two things from beginning to end and everything in between. It’s the entire customer journey process.”
  • Susan (9:40): “It doesn’t do any good to just throw money at a solution, get the solution, and then not implement the work. You do have to do the work or hire somebody to do the work.”
  • Lany (14:35): “Visionaries are all over the board… You got to rein it in and you got to really, that comes back to you got to prioritize, and it goes back to your vision, your values, your mission, your goals.”
  • Susan (18:25): “Ideally, people are saying nice things about us when we are asleep, and we wake up, and there’ll be leads in our inbox, the phone will be ringing with people. I heard. I know. You’re great. Fantastic. And if you’re not getting that, you are missing; obviously, you are just churning your customer base. Churn is expensive.”
  • Lany (20:20): “My whole shtick is sustainable processes, right? Long-term sustainability. So you don’t have to go rebuild and overhaul your business every two to five years. Mine is all you have to do is make micro changes and just keep shifting and pivoting as you go because your business will shift and pivot.”