Divorce is a terrible thing. There are a lot of pieces, including splitting up digital assets such as a joint business website. If you are looking to split up a company, change hosting companies, hosting platforms such as moving from html to WordPress, or to another CMS, please make and sure you know these answers:

  1. Does your new hosting company have a PHONE number for support you can call to talk to a human. If not, find another one. Saving $2 a month is not worth that frustration. You need to be able to speak to a HUMAN, not go into a labyrinth of voicemail options.
  2. How current are the servers? If you rely o a database, check with then on the version of PHP their servers offer and make sure your site will be using it.
  3. What about back ups? Do they cost extra? Where are they stored? If they are stored on your same server, that is BAD. If your site is hacked, chances are your back up is also hacked or corrupt.
  4. How easy is it to restore from back up? Should only be a click or two. TEST IT before you make the switch.
  5. Highly recommend your hosting company is NOT your mail host, with rare exceptions.
  6. Do they offer a CDN for caching and redundancies to speed up your site around the globe?
  7. Check ALL expiration dates on your services, domains and mail packages before you switch.
  8. Who are the contacts for domains and hosting? Accounting, owner, technical – you need to know and you need to be at least one of them.