Susan Finch, as I've found, is not a totally unique name. I love my name, it's easy to spell. I don't have a difficult time on the phone, "Susan Finch – Finch like the bird." Simple. But there are several of us out there that are very active online. Susan E Finch has become an acquaintence. She's a voice coach in New York and is doing VERY well. There's another Susan Finch – the artist. She gets involved in things like the "middle finger project." Not really where my clients would want to find me.

I bring this up to prompt you to search for yourself on the major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and see what comes up in the results, image results as well.

You may be surprised. I've learned I'm so busy helping my clients rank higher that I'm slipping to that stinker, Susan E. Finch – voice coach. It's a friendly competition that we both laugh about whenever I forward her an email sent to me by mistake. People always forget the E in


It's a good reminder that if people need a photo of you or some history, make sure they know if it's really YOU. There are a variety of Susan Finch photos – some of them I'd prefer to not have associated with my bio, although they do make me laugh!