In Adobe Acrobat, PowerPoint, and other programs, we are frequently inspired by others and do a save-as of a previous document created by someone else, or perhaps download a free template. There is nothing wrong with this if you have permission to use someone else’s work. The biggest problem is that there are typically a few missed steps to ensure the document has your information and not that of the previous owner, or template developer. This can add confusion, or deplete your credibility if you are using someone else’s template. This is also true if you are recycling your own documents from another client, or a previous prospect presentation.

Adobe Acrobat

  1. In Acrobat, open the document.
  2. In the upper left, you’ll see a hamburger menu.
  3. Click on it and scroll down to document properties, and click.
  4. You’ll get a popup window.
  5. Update the title to something spelled and punctuated correctly.
  6. Add your name.
  7. Add the subject.
  8. Add any relevant keywords which helps you find document son your own computer, or tag for SEO, or remove previous ones.
  9. Click OK, then click save.



  1. Open the file.
  2. Go to the “Insert” menu.
  3. Click on “Header & Footer”
  4. You’ll get a pop-up window.
  5. Click on Slide.
  6. Check the “Footer” box and add your notes.
  7. You can “Apply” to just one slide, or “Apply to All” for the entire presentation.
  8. Check the footer
  9. Click on Notes and Handouts.
  10. Check Header and type in the title, owner.
  11. You can add a footer the same way.
  12. “Apply to all” or do them on the individual slides. It’s up to you.