We are celebrating two years of the Double Comma Club, with over 100 episodes. Thank you to Nicole’s listeners. Here are the top 10 episodes. You may find some of these helpful, especially if you missed them when they were published originally.

10. What Consumers Need to Know About Appraisals

Nicole’s guest, Joey Pizzi of JP Appraisal Services wants consumers to know a few things about the appraisal process to help them before the appraiser arrives, and for buyers to understand the current market filled with over-asking-price offers.

9. Inflation Explained to Understand Why It Changes

Headlines regularly push the topic of inflation. We usually know it’s bad if it goes up, but why? What causes the change, and what industries are affected by it that will affect my life? These are questions answered in this episode.

8. Today’s Real Estate Market – I know. I wonder. I’m boggled!

There are things I know, things I wonder about, and things that boggle my mind. Here are a few… I knew the demand was about to explode before 2020 began. Demographics told us that. 8.8 to 9.2 million first-time homebuyers were coming and they wanted a piece of the American Dream. With the largest age cohort numbering over 23 million, Americans aged 25 to 29 are looking to start families and buy homes. And once someone has a child they are twice as likely to purchase a home.

7. Fact vs. Fiction – Home Loans

As part of the continuing Fact vs. Fiction series, Nicole talks about the facts and fiction of home loans. Listen to this 7-minute episode, play again until it sticks.

6. What is the purpose of a title company in a real estate transaction?

If you have ever been involved in a Real Estate transaction, you’ve dealt with Title. But what do we need to know about the title process and what should we ask our underwriters? Sima Patel from WFT National Title gives us pointers. Some of what she covers includes advice for those who have gone through bankruptcies or are buying a home from someone who has gone through BK, what you need to know about trusts, LLCs, and quick claim deeds to avoid legal disasters.

5. How to Build Your Top 25 Brand Advocates

Nicole continues the Agent Ignite session with Dr. Bruce Lund as he helps us master the four-hour workday. Some of what he covers in this session includes knowing the difference between a promoter and an advocate. Understanding the levels of relationships in business: Connectors, climbers, somedays, aspirational, and experts. He has some actionable homework for you too.

4. Fact vs. Fiction: Interest Rates and Long-term Investments

After hitting low historical interest rates 14 times last year, let’s set the record straight. The first piece of fiction is that Rate is King. This is not always exactly as it appears. Oh, and the one using your house as a method to save interest rates on credit cards. Be smart. Then we move into the fiction of long-term real estate investments.

3. Tight Inventory Is Behind Denver Real Estate Market Agony

Let’s start with strong demographics. 33% of home buyers today and for the next decade are first-time homebuyers with nothing to sell, taking from an already stressed market with nothing to give in return. At the other end of the spectrum, baby boomers are delaying their downsizing, moving into assisted living nursing homes, or in with family due to their heightened pandemic risk, holding onto those homes younger families need.

2. Questions to Ask Your Homeowner’s Insurance Agent

Nicole had the chance to sit down with Brandon Ridder of Goosehead Insurance to talk more about the importance of having a clear understanding of your coverage and what is crucial to know as a first-time homeowner and investor.

1. Fact vs. Fiction – Reverse Mortgages

Myths covered:
You give up the title of your house with Reverse Mortgage.
You can no longer pass the house to your heirs.
You’re losing equity.
You have to own your home free and clear.