You can share it, but can they read it?

Sharing helpful articles we find allows us to be a valued resource. It invites engagement on social media, builds community, takes a pulse, except when we can't read the link that our connection's post is attempting to open. "Subscription required to view this article." We don't realize how many sites we have memberships to, pubs we subscribe to. We read a lot and then want to share. Make [...]

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It’s your domain, but do you control all the parts?

This past week I've been helping a client with whom I haven't worked for several years. We were doing some clean-up of the functions on their site and there were issues with their web forms being marked as spam, not being delivered, and more communication stoppers. What I found out is that their domain had changed owners, the record had been modified to not include ANY MX (mail) [...]

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How Fear Can Affect Your Team’s Success

We all want to perform well in front of those who matter to us, including our sales managers, team leaders, the president of the company, our clients, our family. But, when those who are in a position to lead or coach us slip to an evaluation mode, the effects can be detrimental to the outcome. Recently, I interviewed ConnectAndSell CEO, Chris Beall and host of Market Dominance Guys [...]

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Tips for Looking More Competent in Online Meetings

Recently I was invited to be a guest on Asher Sales Sense from ASHER STRATEGIES. This interview was hosted by Kyla O'Connell. I'm not sure who had more fun, Kyla, or me. What kind of background is best for your online meeting? Is a selfie cool for your headshot? How should you applaud a good point made? How many things should you be doing during the meeting? What’s [...]

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Benefits of Volunteering

When you choose to set aside time in your busy week to help others, you also help yourself. Studies have proven for years that doing something for others not only improves your community, but also yourself. Just moved to the neighborhood and want to meet new people? Volunteer. Having trouble finding “your clique” at school? Volunteer. Going through a tough time and don’t want to be alone? Volunteer. [...]

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The Double Comma Club Podcast and The Rueth Team

When I met Nicole Rueth I was blown away by her endless energy and knowledge. She has a way of turning a tidal wave of real estate and market stats into digestible chunks that turn into action items. She was already producing a lot of video content, creating fans through loyal attendees to her regular workshops, mastermind groups, and more. She is constantly lifting real estate professionals, talking [...]

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Real Estate Broker Resume for HUD and REO

Most of my real estate clients specialize in REO, foreclosure, HUD, and other distressed properties. They need to have a ton of qualifications, and credibility to be trusted by banking clients. This resume is part of a HUD package sent for Louisiana Broker/Owner, David Reso. David is always expanding his certifications and knowledge to be the best solution for all things real estate in Louisiana.

Audubon had a logo, but needed to mix it up

I met David Reso in 2015 through the NRBA, another client. He already had branding but needed a few websites for various purposes, continuity in branding for most of the sites, and divisions of his company:,,, and then a different work for - nothing fancy, but distinct. We used the existing logo for most of the sites, varying the color for the notary [...]

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Market Dominance Guys Podcast & Branding

When I listened to the sample episodes Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell and Corey Frank, CEO of UncommonPro, wanted to turn into a podcast I knew we needed edgy, almost naughty branding. We needed to make a statement to go with the boldness of their approach to sales, cold calling, and selling the ONE product - the meeting. They have a cult following and are everywhere with their [...]

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3 Tips because your living, breathing website needs some love.

Over the years I've walked hundreds of people through creating and launching a website. The process is throughout. They get a walk through at the end, as well as a list of regular tasks they'll need to have me handle, someone internally, or hire another professional to ensure their site is always up to date, running smoothly, compliant with best practices. First, a reminder for those of you [...]

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You restructured your website, can people find the old bookmarked pages?

It's so exciting to get a new website, revamp it, reorganize, clean house, but here are a few steps to take before you toss out the old structure. If you simply start fresh, or change domains, or toss out old pages, you may be missing valuable traffic. This is primarily for a restructure or switching to a new system for hosting the SAME domain. BEFORE YOU FLIP THE [...]

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Your voice – the first thing that can kill your message.

Podcast editing has brought voice, verbal crutches and other hindrances to mind lately. As a member of Toastmasters, I'm learning better ways to correct it in myself and to help clients, guests overcome it. Mastering your voice allows you to be HEARD without distractions of filler words, crutches, like ya'know all those bad habits people develop. VOICE is about four things: Pace Pitch Volume Pause Even someone who [...]

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