So you are published or self-published. Yay you! You have a website to promote you and your published works, right? You are selling at least one version of your book on Amazon, right? If you are, you have an author’s profile to fill in. It is a great place to lend credibility as to WHY someone needs what you published. It gives them a taste of your personality outside the characters or topics you write about. Here’s an example of a good author profile. He only has two books published, but his profile is filled in better than many authors. This is Noah Fleming, author of Evergreen. Notice he has tied in his WEEKLY blog posts to his Amazon profile. If you have a formal publishing company, don’t assume they have filled in all the blanks. Ask for access to your author profile and dig around. You may be surprised what they missed. Make sure you respond to all reviews with a thank you while you’re in there.

Why stop at Amazon? Don’t forget about that plays nicely with Facebook. Where else? How about association profiles? Did you remember to add your book and link to your book(s) there? Why not?

LinkedIn – you have your profile completed? Or do you? You can add PROJECTS, PUBLISHED WORKS. Don’t forget to add more items there as you create them. Create short, trackable links to your books from these venues – unique one for each venue – so you can see where your leads are coming from and what their journey is. Google Analytics and UTM for the Win! can help you with that.