This episode will give you an actionable list to evaluate your current tech stack. Lany and Susan will also give you ideas on what to look for when evaluating new pieces to your tech stack. Did you know that anything you log in to for your business is part of your tech stack? Lany will give you her strong opinions on several pieces of software and tools. Susan will give some real examples on ways to test what you are using and lock it down to make it more effective.



Questions you need to know about each piece of your tech stack assessment:

  • What are you using?
  • When are you using it?
  • Why are you using it?
  • Who has control of it?
  • Who has access to it?
  • What’s your decision hierarchy?

Does your technology make sense in your day-to-day business?

  • Does it serve your business internally?
  • Does it serve your business externally?
  • How do your clients have access to it, and should they?
  • How does your team access it?

Tools mentioned in this episode:

  • KarbonHQ – Accounting Bookkeeping Software system – ties to QuickBooks
  • Google Drive – Don’t forget to lock it down.
  • Kajabi – Monetize, Manage – Diversifying revenue streams
  • JotForm – vs. Docusign or PandaDoc.
  • Go High-Level – website management, funnels, all workflows, connect calendars, pipeline, CRM, communication for text and email, social media postings. Similar to HubSpot.