WEO Connect and Grow SoMe Panel Wildly Successful

Susan Finch recaps the WEO SoMe event: Many attending the blogging table were blown away by what they thought they knew blogging to be and learned what it can do for their business and image. The time flew and several people never made it to the other panels. I have to admit to being so wound up sharing ideas with people and watching the lights go on to new marketing strategies.

Google’s SideWiki – keeping us on our toes to respond

I have a client, sad to say, that would prefer to be removed from Google results and especially Yahoo. This is because they have a lot of bad feedback, comments, rantings. I did my job and got them high rankings, traffic - exposure. This has resulted in more venues for unhappy clients of theirs to sound off. We have tried to combat with positive feedback received. We don't post anything that isn't true. It isn't enough to fight this battle. The client didn't like my solution: be better at what you do.

I know the difference between being a Hispanic Professional and a Professional Hispanic.

I'm a poor excuse for a Hispanic and even poorer excuse for a Mexican. Can many members of my family clearly communicate in Spanish? Yes. Do some of those same family members successfully run businesses and employ primarily Hispanic folks? Yes. Am I in either of those categories? No. But at least I know it. I realize not in touch with any particular ethnic segment of the market, unless suburban, professional mom counts. I get embarrassed for companies that think they get it and are in touch with whatever ethnic group they are targeting. I wince at their campaigns. Apparently I'm not alone in my anguish.

Humor, simplicity, Pringles made me click – a lot.

Brilliance Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune Pringles Proves a Massive Production Budget Isn't Necessary for Success Bart Cleveland One of the chief complaints of small agencies is that we don't have budgets big enough to do great work. We look to the winners in our award shows as proof. And that is usually where we are slapped in the face for our lack of commitment to be brilliant.

All the followers and fans in the world can’t save you from bad customer service

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Last fall, executives from Oriental Trading Co. read a product review from a woman planning her autumn wedding complaining that her order of fall leaves didn't look anything like the picture on the website. The execs went straight to the warehouse, pulled the product and compared for themselves. She was right -- it didn't look the same. The explanation: The company had recently switched vendors for that particular product, and the new vendor's version wasn't up to snuff. So the company pulled it.