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Interview: eMail data bad guys

Paula Chiocchi, Founder/President of Outward Media, Inc. was my guest.

Paula and I will discussed industry trends, shake ups and her current pet peeves and reveals… Hint: We are talking about DATA QUALITY and the bad actors in this business!

About Paula Chiocchi:
Paula Chiocchi has been known as a leader in the direct marketing and media industries for many years.  Her focus has always been on the future.  Paula founded Outward Media in 1998. Under her direction, the company has evolved from a niche marketing firm emphasizing online advertising and media to the leading compiler of multi-channel marketing data.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Paula has sought out and created the most comprehensive and accurate B2B and B2C Multi-Channel Marketing Databases in the industry.  And, from an email data perspective, she has accomplished what no other company has been able to do . . . providing theirClients with accurate and fresh email data to fuel their campaigns.

Integrity, innovation and industry intelligence have been Paula’s hallmark throughout her career. She began with Dun & Bradstreet and developed her skills by creating direct mail, online advertising and email campaigns for leading age companies, financial institutions, online gaming sites, sweepstakes enterprises and e-commerce companies.  Always with an eye on the future, Paula’s philosophy is to examine emerging marketing techniques and tools, and build the best ones into our business. “We continually forge partnerships with innovative professionals. Our clients have come to expect us to bring them new ideas before anyone else does,” she says.


How do you feel about the government deciding who can sing Happy Birthday online?

Governement. There's a word.  When I was in school I was taught WE were the governement, the people, the citizens. gov·ern·ment/ˈgəvər(n)mənt/ Noun: The governing body of a nation, state, or community. The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed. Synonyms: administration – rule – management – ministry – reign "The Government" has …

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The Feeling is Soon All Shoppers Will Be Mobile Shoppers

AdAge had an article today.  It's a good wake up call for those of us who want to be found online. I guess that would be EVERY business owner that wants to grow their business and customer base.  This article will give you suggestions and eye-opening statistics to better prepare you for your next website …

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WEO Connect and Grow SoMe Panel Wildly Successful

Last night a group of around 100 people gathered at Madison's Bar and Grill's meeting space to learn more about the overwhelming topic of SoMe – that's Social Media to most people.  Everyone was eager to learn how to grow their businesses through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogging.  There were a lot of fears tackled, misconceptions tossed out the window and eyes opened wide.  We also heard many "aha" moments at the various panel discussions after the overview presentation by Marlynn Schotland of Urban Bliss Design and founder of

DSC02901 Thank you to WEO for inviting me to be the panel leader for blogging.  The four presenters didn't have connectivity – password issues with Madison's network, so we all had our laptops open as props. It worked out better for me.  Our table engaged in a lively discussion firing back questions and answers about the purpose of blogging and how to use it to save time and increase business.

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Happy Birthday .Com – 25 Years Old! was the first .com registered on March 15, 1985 for the “world wide web.” Today there are over 80 million .Com websites and the domain is a prominent feature of the internet. The economic impact of .Com has been quantified in a study by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF). The ITIF found …

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When transforming an original image, when does the original copyright end?

The LA Times covers a current lawsuit over the issues of what is Fair Use of
an image. The street artist in question truly muddied the case by originally lying about his sources of the image and fabricating fake sources to cover himself.  The author of the iconic Obama image took an AP Photo, then used only
the outline of it, and added his own colors to it. The question is
where does the Associated Press copyright end?

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Google’s SideWiki – keeping us on our toes to respond

I have a client, sad to say, that would prefer to be removed from Google results and especially Yahoo. This is because they have a lot of bad feedback, comments, rantings. I did my job and got them high rankings, traffic – exposure. This has resulted in more venues for unhappy clients of theirs to sound off. We have tried to combat with positive feedback received. We don’t post anything that isn’t true. It isn’t enough to fight this battle. The client didn’t like my solution: be better at what you do.

I know the difference between being a Hispanic Professional and a Professional Hispanic.

I'm a poor excuse for a Hispanic and even poorer excuse for a Mexican, even though I'm half Mexican. Can many members of my family clearly communicate in Spanish? Yes. Do some of those same family members successfully run businesses and employ primarily Hispanic folks? Yes. Am I in either of those categories? No. But at least I know it. I realize not in touch with any particular ethnic segment of the market, unless suburban, professional mom counts. I get embarrassed for companies that think they get it and are in touch with whatever ethnic group they are targeting. I wince at their campaigns. Apparently I'm not alone in my anguish. 

Some Shops Have Painted Themselves Into a Hispanic-Only Corner:
You'll Need to Be a Hispanic Professional, not a Professional Hispanic, to Go After General Market

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All the followers and fans in the world can’t save you from bad customer service

We have all become so focused on Tweets, blogs, and other social media that we have lost sight of where the core focus should be first:  quality products and service.  A company can post all sorts of interesting or humorous tidbits to create a following, but it won't generate nor maintain customers unless you have good products and good customer service.  Scratch that – in order to stay competitive you need GREAT customer service.

With long-standing retailers falling by the wayside, I think it's important to note that the companies who still have a focus on customer service and quality products are doing just fine.  Customer reviews on products and services not only hold more weight, but the companies being reviewed really look at this feedback to correct problems, add new services and make improvements.

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The little red devil on the shoulder is winning.

Those of you old enough remember the cartoons with the angel and devil on the shoulders of Popeye, Tom the Cat, Daffy Duck and the rest as they had to make a hefty decision:  Listen to your conscience and do what is morally right or go the easy, convenient route. 

In this current economy we're seeing that filters are off. Or, in golf terms, the "governor" is off the golf cart. 
This bad behavior was kept under wraps because things were rolling along smoothly.  Either people listen to their
conscience and abide by it all the way through, or they use it when
it's convenient.  Those are the ones we are seeing more of.  It isn't
convenient to have integrity for some folks right now.  I don't see it
in any of my clients (very grateful, kissing the ground); but I'm
seeing it in THEIR clients and vendors. 

The problem with bad behavior is that it begins to snowball. One decision leads to the next. It becomes easier and less gut wrenching each time that path is chosen.  They also link together. This is the avalanche effect.

I won't go into a big morals conversation, but it does come down to those basics. 

Do you listen to that gut feeling before you treat someone a certain way or conduct yourself with certain behavior?

Or, do you stuff it down and rationalize it into acceptance to make the outcome more in your favor?  Please read the rest of the article and the linked Marc Brownstein article on this subject.

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Seen any good books lately?

Not only am I working on a new book, but I have the privilege of helping an author promote his new book and manage his marketing sites.  I've been exploring creative ways that the self-published set promotes their work and thought I'd share this with you – Book trailers are a great way to preview …

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