Banks protect you against fraudulent charges, but you need to watch THEIR random charges, too.
I have a bookkeeper, this is good. But that doesn’t mean I can forget about reviewing my accounts and regular charges. I bank with Chase. They call regularly for fraud protection issues. I’m glad. BUT, for the past few months, there have been charges on the first of the month for two services I don’t have: a check scanner – $50 and some other $25 charge they couldn’t explain. These appear to be typical “bank service” charges and slipped by my bookkeeper’s red flagging.
I don’t usually scan my accounts on the 2nd of the month so I missed these until recently. No one in customer service center could help, as it is a business banking issue. I had to go into the branch to get this resolved. They apologized, resolved and reversed. But think about it, $75/month for unnecessary fees could add up to a nice weekend get away, new equipment or a pretty decent party on you!
Banks aren’t the only place this happens. You may have more $2 and $3 charges out there that are under your radar.
Be sure to check subscriptions/recurring charges in iTunes, Amazon, PayPal.