Is Your Exhibit Booth Boring – answer – YES IT IS.

Enjoy these exhibit booth and trade show ideas from a recording I did with Lany Sullivan. It’s all about being a memorable destination at the event. People should HAVE TO get to your booth!

Let me paint a picture and you tell me if this sounds familiar. A 6 foot table with a branded skirt, logo set up somehow behind it, business cards sprawled out on the table, two chairs, fishbowl for cards, and bad candy to give away. I know this sounds familiar because this is what USED TO work. Now? A total waste of resources. You must make your booth memorable. You want to be a destination booth at the event. If you don’t have a booth, you need to do SOMETHING to stand out.

Imagine yourself at the event. Which booths draw attention to YOU? Is it the twenty in a row with the same bad candy and skirted table? Or is there something special about that booth you envision? We are going to dig into the science behind what makes a booth a destination booth.

Listen to this episode for ideas, ideal giveaways, engaging activities, treats, swag and more.

And in the second half you’ll learn what to avoid doing. Hint: Buzzers, bells, anchor drops, puppies. The ideas range in budget – something for everyone.

Here are some ideas.