When you decide to add events as a revenue stream into your business the normal thought process is to focus on ticket sales to make money. Although this is extremely important as that is your indicator for 1) How many people are attending your event and 2) Where you need to adjust your marketing efforts to increase “butts in seats,” there’s far more strategies for monetization.

Here are the Top 5 ways to bring in event revenue that go beyond ticket sales.

  1. Sponsors – Creating partnerships and collaborations with sponsors is one of the most profitable revenue streams for events. Find companies and brands that are in alignment with your message and who have a similar target audience.
  1. VIP/Upgrade Options – Create high end options that will provide more benefits and value to your audience.
  1. Product Sales – Upsell your attendees to your next event, your coaching products, books, masterminds and more.
  1. JV/Affiliates – The best way to sell tickets is to have a solid business partnerships with influencers who will promote your event to their audience and increase the visibility of your event.
  1. Speaker Sales Splits – Allow your speakers to sell from stage and agree to a split of their sales because you are giving them an opportunity to be in front of your audience…a new audience.

Catch the entire podcast to learn detailed information on each subject here, https://rootedinrevenue.com/e/top-5-ways-to-monetize-your-event/