Are you a real estate broker on the brink of a major change? Whether you’re considering leaving a franchise to establish your brand, or switching franchises, this transition can be both exhilarating and daunting. The key to success lies in meticulous planning and preparation. In this episode, Susan shares her expertise to guide you through the critical steps you need to take before leaping. Susan provides a small portion of a comprehensive checklist to ensure a smooth transition from establishing your unique branding elements to evaluating your current online assets and vendor relationships. It’s enough to get you started and slow you down.

Don’t let the excitement of change overshadow the importance of a well-executed plan. Tune in now to learn how to confidently navigate this transformative journey and set your brokerage up for long-term success. Special shout-out to the NRBA members.

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The main points of the episode and the checklist for a smooth transition include:

  1. Establish branding elements: Choose a unique company name, logo, and domain. Set up associated email accounts.
  2. Obtain a new MLS number for your new independent website to display listings. You may have one, but you want to ensure you can change it from being associated with the previous firm and broker.
  3. Create a spreadsheet to track current online assets, including websites, social media profiles, and listings on various platforms. Document login information and status (keep, replace, or delete).
  4. List team members and their contact information.
  5. Evaluate tools in use, their costs, and renewal dates. Determine which tools to keep, replace, or delete.
  6. Prepare new templates for presentations, contracts, and getting digital signatures.
  7. Assess vendor relationships and inform them of the upcoming change if necessary.
  8. Create new marketing materials: business cards, signs, leave-behinds, postcards, and flyers.
  9. Collect and save existing client testimonials.
  10. Develop an onboarding library for team members, outlining their responsibilities and required documents.