Yes, there are tons of articles on this. But there are some basic steps that a lot of newer hosts miss, which cuts into their subscriptions AND replays. The key is to test it as an outsider or get someone to do it for you.

  1. FILL IN ALL THE BLANKS . This includes your podcast channel on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, YouTube. Get to the MEAT of what your show is about immediately and fill in details after you grab them. This includes Libsyn with their ugly templates. Their site isn’t actually meant to be THE site. You need to bring it into your main site for proper branding, but people will still end up there. Don’t leave that ugly header gray.
  2. slmaradio-icon-144MAKE YOUR SHOW GRAPHIC EASY TO RECOGNIZE SMALL. Yes, iTunes asks for a ginormous graphic for a variety of reasons, BUT usually it displays VERY small – as small as 50 x 50 pixels. Can you read your show name or recognize your branding at that size, too? It reminds me of when glorious LP covers went down to CD size and then down to digital icons since the old album art is pulled in by iTunes and other streaming services.
  3. WHEN YOU PROMOTE YOUR SHOW, WHERE ARE YOU SENDING THEM? Don’t make the mistake and only send them to your iTunes preview channel in the browser. Not everyone uses iTunes or any specific service. You need a FRIENDLY landing page that allows people to quickly learn about your show and CHOOSE how they want to subscribe. Who knows, they may choose a few ways. Cover your bases.
  4. DON’T MISS A SUBSCRIPTION OPPORTUNITY. This is where prepping methods helps. Do you have an email drip campaign? Blog subscription options for when you post a new show? How many venues are you sending your feed to? iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn, YouTube, GooglePlay, etc. Put ALL of these options on ONE landing page. Add your subscription form in the sidebars or at the top of your show website.
  5. TEACH THEM HOW TO FIND YOU. It’s not obvious to folks how to FIND a podcast on these venues, including YouTube. Don’t forget about YouTube! Create step by step graphics to make it simple. Remember, you want anyone interested to be able to subscribe where they want to subscribe. Doesn’t mean they know how to do it.
  6. DON’T FORGET ABOUT REVIEWS. Make it easy on them. Here is an example that is promoted in each episode: . Remind people to review and share.
  7. IF YOU HAVE GUESTS, ARE THEY HELPING? You had a guest. Get them the graphic for the show when you thank them for being on. Send them the transcript if you get them, the link to the post on all venues, and the embed code. Ask them to SHARE it out, encourage them.
  8. WHEN YOU SHARE ON SOCIAL – MENTION YOUR GUESTS, SPONSORS, TOPICS. FInd nuggets from the show to share. Have a HANDOUT for them or links in the post as a recap. You can always go back and edit a show post.
  9. STOCK ITEMS IN EVERY SHOW POST. Have your canned end of every post: SUBSCRIBE that links to your “subscribe every way possible” page, sponsor blurbs – if you have them, about the guest, if you have that and any links to support the show content covered in that specific episode.

There are tons more tips we’ll cover another time, but these are the most common that are overlooked by newer hosts. Missed steps and details will cost you listeners.