I hope you enjoy this video: Employment Interview Tips to Land That Job! Helping out at the local high school today with Mock Interviews. It’s a requirement for Juniors and Seniors. I asked my friends for their top tips and here they are. Best of luck if you are interviewing for the first time or interviewing after a long time and all in between.

Thank you to everyone who helped put this video into effect:

“Dress appropriately! My goodness I’ve had molecules come and interview in shorts! First impressions can never be taken back especially in this circumstance.” Thank you Bryan Garrity and Wes Shaw for the input… Interview attire MUST be taken seriously.

Shay Ernisse  “Be open honest and transparent. Know your audience (research the company and interviewer ahead). Ask questions….how can I win with your organization, etc  Yes, Shay Ernisse! This is a huge one that will help you will feel prepared and confident in your interview. KNOW what they do so you don’t stick your foot in your mouth. LinkedIn is a GREAT place to find out about these executives.

“Hero poses! 2 minutes standing in a hero pose lowers cortisol levels and boosts testosterone. So hands in the air legs spread. Or wonder woman pose hands on your hips. Heard it in a Ted Talk.” Another great pointer from Scott Macdonald. Remember this is PRIOR to interview, not during!

“Smile! Be comfortable yet professional in what you choose to wear. Walk around in the shoes beforehand (especially if it’s your first time wearing). Practice sitting/walking and standing in your suit/outfit. Practice a mock interview in a mirror.”  You are the interview ROCK STAR Marne Lugris LaForge.

“A firm handshake. None of this wimpy limp stuff. It’s frequently what you DON’T say that can give you the edge in a job interview.” Absolutely right, Karen Mares. Many interviewers can tell everything they need to know about you within the first 10 seconds of meeting you.

Shawn Stuht · “Never ask how much you’ll get paid or how much time off, etc. during interview! That needs to be done outside of interview before acceptance of a job.” Great advice, Shawn Stuht. You don’t want to lose the job because of something silly that could have been avoided!