Reminder: Your search results, when checking your own business rankings, are BIASED based on how you search, what you search, who you are connect to and what you click on. Same goes for everyone. The cleanest way to see what the results are is to search in an incognito window. In Chrome – click on the three stacked dots in the upper right corner to open incognito window. THEN search. That will be closer to what strangers see. You can test it – search as you and see results, search as a stranger.

This is part of all data being sold as truth. Do you ever do odd searches because you saw something on television, there was a headline about a country, term or something else you weren’t necessarily INTERESTED in, nor do you want to buy it, you just wanted understanding? This data is sold as if you were really interested in pigs in tutus, cooking practices in Bangladesh, war helmets of WWII, etc.

Incognito is also a good way to test your landing pages and more so that your data is not actually added into the count for that targeted landing page or link.