Recently as I was posting the winners to the Sales Lead Management Association’s annual event, “50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management for 2012” it was brought to my attention that I had missed adding “gold stars” to a few people to show that they had won in previous years.  The stars were important to them. It’s not a lot different than when we were children in school receiving our papers back with coveted metallic gold stars; that were either licked and stuck on by your teacher, or peeled and stuck – depending on your age. It showed our parents and all in our world that we did WELL!  We did better than well because doing well got you either no star or a less-than-the-best silver star. Doing EXCEPTIONAL earned you the prized GOLD STAR.

As we search for resolutions for 2013, why not start with some new positive habits? Remember to tell co-workers, employees, suppliers, the checker at the grocery story, your spouse and especially, your children when they do well and when they do something that made you smile, succeed, improve business.

With our children, it doesn’t have to be grand items. When my son holds the gate open for me each morning as we cross the street to the bus stop, when my daughter makes a cup of tea for me without being asked – these deserve recognition. They may not be gold star moment, but they are positive moments that assure you your parenting is working. When your staff member comes up with an idea outside the box without needing to be spoon-fed the direction – this deserves your appreciation.

Attached is a very simple sheet you can print up to have handy. I didn’t spend a ton of time on it, but wanted to make it EASY for anyone to print this onto any paper and keep a small stack in the top drawer for those instances, in the glove box for those moments when you encounter a thoughtful waitperson, sales clerk, bank teller. Don’t wait until the moment is gone – don’t miss the gift you were given – tell them!