In this episode of the podcast, Susan Finch and Michelle Cramer from On Angels’ Wings discuss the importance of HR support in the workplace. Michelle discusses her journey writing her book, Uncharted Grief, and her certification as a Grief Recovery Method specialist. Michelle shares her thoughts on the societal norms surrounding grief and how they impact employees in the workplace. She highlights the importance of allowing employees to grieve and the impact it can have on their health and financial well-being. Michelle also shares a story of a gentleman who struggled to find a balance between work and grieving after the unexpected death of his father. This episode sheds light on a crucial topic and highlights the importance of HR support for employees who are grieving. You’ll also hear the variations of grief, it’s not always about death. Listen in to gain insights and understanding on how to support your team and staff through the grieving process.

This episode covers a few facets of this topic:

  1. Supporting Teams Through Grief: HR’s Role in the Process
  2. Navigating Loss in the Workplace: Expert Advice for HR
  3. Grieving and the Workplace: Addressing Employee Needs
  4. HR’s Role in Providing Compassionate Support for Grieving Employees



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