Time to wrangle in and thin out your digital footprint

How much old content do you have that is either embarrassing you, going to waste, or you had no clue it’s still being found?

Is it time to update your value proposition on your website and clean the digital house? Most people and companies have no idea how big their cumulative digital footprint is and how little control and knowledge they have of it. There are times, too, that your online presence had been handled by previous vendors, past employees, and yet the logins were controlled by them and you can’t get in there. You need to get control back! We can help. We can help you with onboarding libraries to save time, tuning up the organization of your shared materials, reviewing your Google Analytics set up and how all of this is communicating who has access, and who should be removed.

Let us help you with that.


Podcast Production ServicesYou have an idea for a podcast, but do you have the time to manage all the pieces?

Podcast planning starts way before you buy the mic and find the guest. You need to come up with a plan and a list of who will do what tasks so you don’t shove audio content out there that no one will find. We can help you with every piece of podcast and promoting it to help you avoid burnout. We produce over 15 shows monthly in several industries. Not only will work with you to create a plan that is manageable, we will help you continue to promote it and help it get found. Your guests will love you! We are fantastic at this!

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Had enough of obligatory social media? Ready to thin it out?
How far are you spread out across all social media and online venues? Is it time to thin that out and take control of your digital footprint?

It was a slow build-up. Perhaps you started back, with AOL, MySpace, and grew into LinkedIn, Yahoo, Facebook and evolved further adding Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, GoodReads, and many other minor venues. Your business and personal life strewn across the digital sphere. Ready to thin it out? Or how about at least finding where it all is, logging in to update those outdated, possibly hacked accounts and deleting them? Keep your time and focus where it matters most and let go of the digital clutter.

Let’s find out where you are! 

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Is it time to build your own brand or rebrand what you do?

Are you ready to go independent, or at least brand yourself and your value better?

You spent the time, you created a great webinar, podcast or white paper. Don’t lose your mo’ – keep them talking, increase your reach. What about regular updates from your team, achievements, certifications. Let them see you SHOW THEM OFF! They’ll feel noticed and supported. I’ll help you create a plan that you can do internally, or I can help you execute. Are you ready to start a new venture independently? There are steps to take and ways to use what you’ve been doing to tell that story.

Time to brand your experience!

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Your time shouldn't be spent training people on the same tasks all the time.

Training Libraries to Save $ and Time

Typically businesses have to train new staff on regular tasks. Staff needs to be taught or review over and over. With an internal training library, you make your time on-boarding new staff more efficient, enable them to review as often as they want, too. I can help you create a series of videos for sales teams, agents, and more to make sure everyone is taught the same way. Value-added to working for your company. You increase their ability to succeed!

Start saving time and money!

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Time to review, refresh and recycle content that is still of value.
Web services

Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes on your content, site organization, images. Your message and audience can change, as can your focus. Don’t let your site tell yesterday’s story. Freshen it up to reach your stakeholders and decision-makers. How does your site look on mobile? Have you tested it lately? Who updates it? How often so they review your links and content? Have you removed pages and need to redirect them to something more current? Who are the site users? Are they still with your company? All of this needs to be reviewed periodically to ensure you are putting your best-branded face forward. We can help. How about your site speed? Have you tested it lately? Your hosting, is it still your best solution? Domains – are they renewing automatically? SSL certificates? Have you tested ALL of your contact forms to ensure they are working, going to the correct people and saving the data to be used in your CRM or other systems?

Is it time to update!

Site Clean Out Checklist



Implementing creative content strategies for your business growth.

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