My heart goes out to a specific mother who ranted quite eloquently about a wrong done to her son in public school over the issue of a beverage with no alcohol content that was deemed, “illegal” at the school. The passionate post repeatedly mentioned the “principle” of the school. Perhaps it’s my training, but I was distracted by the misspelling of an important character of the story – the principal of the school. I found my mind wandering a bit and, admittedly, judging this woman, just a smidgen, because she either didn’t take her own education seriously enough to spell this basic word, or was so wound up over the issue, she didn’t re-read her thoughts before submitting to the world.

The comments were supportive and kind. I was, obviously, in the minority. But, I was reminded of the importance of our written words, even when the audience doesn’t always notice. Take the time, slow down and reread before you hit the “send” button on an email or text.  If you are thunderously moved to post about a wrong or right done to you or your family, ensure the message will be clearly understood. Take the time to secure your stance on a topic by proofing.

I find myself running my own posts of importance through a friend to help me focus my thoughts when I run at the keyboard faster than I actually consider if anyone else can actually understand my message.