My friend, Heidi hasn’t launched her business yet. She’s still “practicing” as she goes through the proper methods of starting a small business including meeting all FDA requirements, planning the perfect kitchen, business plan and marketing plan. I’ve learned so much about the process of what bakers, candy makers and the like go through when they want to start an official, approved business of edible products. As one of my best friends, Heidi is willing to listen to my “I dare you” ideas for cakes. I support her journey and am so excited to be in on it from the beginning!

This zombie cake was a HUGE hit at a Halloween party with the neighbors. It was a delicious red velvet, of course. The maggots were gum drops.  All of the ooze was so realistic several parents refused to even try. The kids ranged in age from 7 – 14. They all groaned and winced as I sliced across just above the eyes to make the slices. Then they all fought over the brains and eyes. I have a feeling Heidi will have no trouble being successful once she launches.

Do you have talented friends? Do you remember to brag about them? They may forget to talk about their businesses. Remember to ask them. Watch them LIGHT UP – especially the entrepreneurs who have made it from scratch.