Intrigued by Advantexe’s business simulations, Susan welcomes back Rob Brodo from Advantexe as they explores their focus on new manager training. They both acknowledge that management failure can lead to business failure but believe it is preventable and correctable. Susan asks Rob about the challenges faced by new managers and the motivation behind creating simulations.

Rob highlights the overwhelming nature of transitioning into a management role without guidance. Advantexe’s simulations allow new managers to practice essential skills like goal-setting, coaching, conflict resolution, and leading change. Susan shares insights from conversations with author Helen Fanucci, author of Love Your Team, emphasizing the need for comprehensive training to support new managers and the difficult conversations necessary to grow.

They discuss the complexities of the evolving work environment, where institutional knowledge and documentation quickly become outdated. Rob reveals that many organizations lack manuals and standardized procedures. The simulations benefit not only new managers but the entire organization by building leadership capabilities.



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Rob Brodo on LinkedIn and Twitter

Susan Finch on LinkedIn and Twitter

Also mentioned, Love Your Team by Helen Fanucci on Amazon

About Advantexe:

Advantexe Learning Solution’s mission is to provide world-class Business simulation-centric Business AcumenBusiness Leadership, and Strategic Business Selling talent development solutions to organizations around the world to help them execute their business strategies and achieve their goals and objectives.

Their vision is to be the premier talent development resource partnering with their clients to close the talent gaps preventing them from flawlessly executing their strategic initiatives and achieving their short- and long-term business objectives.